EVE online documentary - sell me the game

Greetings to all EVE players, as I have mentioned in the title, me and my fellow colleagues are planning to make a documentary about EVE online. I am a TV producer in real life, and me and my friends from the Academy of Movie Arts are developing this idea for some time.

I need help from you, since I have not played this game for a long time, I am still just a newbie, but I am very “into” it. I would like from you to “sell” me the game. In a few sentences or so, since this narration should be maximum one minute long. I know what draws me to the game, but I would like some opinions and input from more experienced players.

I am aware that I will get a lot of “don’t play EVE at all” answers :smiley:, but even that kind of opinions have helped me to “enter” EVE universe. The freedom.


How would you “sell” the game to the potential new players?

Thank you in advance.

You can hunt your fellow man here.

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I think Matterall’s discription of the game during each intro to Talking in Stations sums up and sells the game pretty well…

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They made a movie about being a solo pilot, it’s called “Surviving the Game”.

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It’s like gambling but more addictive.

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CCP had this phrase:

“This game, you are not ready for it.”

/Clicks the exit button

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Also players already have made documentary about EVE.


Thank you, I’m aware of that.
Documentary we are working on is focused on story of how several adults from all around the world, from different countries and continents are being brought together by EVE, it is not strictly focused on the game itself, more on its social aspect and influence on people in “real world”.
I hope I clarified a bit more, it was my mistake I didn’t bring up more details in the original post :slight_smile:

I can’t seem to find this movie anywhere, could you please post a link or something? Thank you :slight_smile:

Still the greatest and most accurate eve trailer ever made. (Even though it’s fan-made.)

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If I would want to sell it to you, I would show you people who play it and what they have done.

I think you could made a documentary including not only players but also developers like CCP Falcon, CCP Fozzie, CCP Pointybits and others that started as players playing the game and ended up working in the company. Maybe you could include former employees, like CCP Phantom, CCP Leeloo - where are they now, what are they doing, are they still playing?

There are also people of art and science that are inspired by the game.

One is Rixxjavix https://twitter.com/rixxjavix

There is also space pope working in JPL.

A lot of known people who could give you input firsthand.

There were also people who became engaged on the Fanfest, maybe they discovered themselves thru game? There is this player Sean Smith (diplomat), goons are fairly good theme to explore, maybe you could meet and talk with Mittani.

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Thank you, this info has been quite helpful.

It’s a movie from 1994. I was being mostly silly.

Quite helpful too, in a manner of speaking

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Right? Maybe it’s more the story of a new player who joined the wrong corp and ends up as a solo pilot?

You should throw in some kind of coming of age drama story to spice it up a bit. Maybe something about immigrants or billboards or something. Maybe a casting couch scene or two.

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Casting couch lmao :joy::joy::joy:

I’m from the Balkans region, so there is never enough drama here…

Documentary is a final exam on the Academy of Movie Arts for a friend of mine, and she is doing it in collaboration with a TV station where I’m currently working, so we are trying to take this serious. All kind of inputs or info is very helpful, even insightful comments such as yours.


Reading about EVE is insanely more enjoying than playing it…

I would have them do entitlement and intelligence tests first and depending on the results either recommend EVE or World of Warcraft.

In Real Life has no meaning here. Eve is real life

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