Why my friends don't play EVE Online

Hello everyone,

I convinced my friends to play EVE with me for a night and found out why they don’t actively play anymore.

They brought up some good points, and I thought it may be in some way interesting & helpful to all those interested in increasing the player base. I can’t remember being surveyed about it at any point?

Anyway. I recorded it all and made it into a video. Please beware the strong language.

I’d be very interested to hear others stories about attempting to get their friends to play EVE and, if anything, this sparks a conversation about it. Otherwise, it’s just a personal memory.

Many thanks for reading.

Greetings… I can’t see the video now, as I’m at work, but I bet the points are the same of the friends I tried to introduce in the game xD . They where about 5 and none of them are playing …

With regards to the skill training: It takes long but you don’t have to use EVE in order to progress at all. All other games they mentioned require you to actually use and grind a game to progress. People always fail to see that.

People should also stop aiming for capitals because they are nothing but cancer for your enjoyment. They eat you from the inside out.


You cam have fu. In a t1 frigate thay takes a few weeks to skill into. Ive not looked at tbe video as am at work.

Sure you cannot do as much as higher sp players in term of ships etc. But that isnt the end game

Let’s see most of them in my case didn’t want to try it because it has a reputation of a tryhard infested game with slow progression no storyline and encourages griefing.
Truthfully they are right I mean heck it’s lost any appeal for me past year or so I started in 2007 for me it was fun from around 2008 until 2012 after it started going downhill

Time is the number one issue for my non eve friends, especially when they jumped into a bull alliance and the alliance has alarm clock ctas.

My youngest brother doesnt play cause he dislikes anything open pvp and wants a game the resembles life. (Eve does imo but he loves other mmos and has all the time in the world)

Older people that have quite eve has done so cause time and the way ccp treats some things. (I still talk to about fifty people people winning eve.)

As to getting and retaining new players. there is that i want everything now and the other looks at people already established and ask themselves why bother, everyone has lines so I can go f1 with this group.

Most of the reasons my friends dont play.

Odd, I never had this problem with my friends…

…I don’t have any.

ba dum tsh


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