Recruit a friend worth it?

I’m not going to annoy my friend for a jacket.
I’m enjoying myself after 5 weeks but two friends started with me and quit after 2 and 5 hours respectively so I think we can all agree that that’s still happening. My other friends aren’t too hot on the idea of joining but I might be able to swing them if they actually sign up. Its a step in the right direction no? But why would I bother? I’d do it to support the game of course but I currently don’t know anyone, irrespective of the possibility of them getting into the game in the future, who currently wouldn’t consider it work and who wouldn’t be bothered by me doing it. Make it worth my while and I’ll plague them and everyone else though.

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Did they say why?

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The best way to retain players in MMOs is to have friends in game. Make sure you make some, so we don’t lose you too!

What was the reason they didn’t like the game? Different people may have different reasons. Like, were they expecting to be able to WASD pilot the ships like an FPS game, for instance? I remember when I first signed up to EVE a decade ago, it surprised me that the way you control the ships were through mouse clicks.

Why would we react in a useful manner to something that really is just a very thinly disguised whine?

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They did and its the same reason everyone quits. The learning curve was too steep for them and they were getting their kicks faster with other games.

Ta, I’m in a good corp and I’ll put the in work to get the benefits out.

Because you love it

Fake troll thread is fake.

Nice hat

You have friends? #fake news!


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Increasing a fleets effectiveness with isk has a logarithmic cost.
Increasing a fleets effectiveness with more players has a linear cost.
Recrut a friend.

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I covered this, its not happening ever. The cost of bothering people is more than the benefit of a cosmetic part. Look at my profile pic, do you think appearance matters to me? (it does not)

You used to get a free month when your invitee subscribed. I kinda stopped doing invites when they changed that.

I still do it, cuz BPCs and cosmetics and stuff, but I put lower effort to match the lower reward.


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