The EVE Effect Documentary

Equal representation between men and women?
Beautiful fit people?
Stock video of people playing everything but EVE?

This is a parody, right?

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Wait, someone made a documentary about this game?!

I want to watch it!

Be careful what you wish for …

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EDIT: I see your point. It would have been nice to see actual EVE online players instead of generic iStock videos featuring people who are not really gamers but actors. This was a missed opportunity here.

Global News in Canada did a much better job through its reporting on Project: Discovery, which features a certain big-hearted member of the playerbase…who just happens to be from the same country I am. :canada:


:rofl: At 4:20 (of all times): We believe we know exactly what our players want.

Joyful, joyful, we adore thee… XD


Wish granted...

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sooo we are watching the evolution of friendship
ohhhhhhhhhhh :astonished:


What I like is how all of the gamer setups/rooms are portrayed to be these pristine, well-lit environments in rooms bigger than entire apartments you can rent for around $5,000 per month in a big city, instead of the more realistic hazy, unkempt hovels, with dirty clothing, empty take-out containers/bottles of alcohol, and copious amounts of ashes and cum strewn about every surface.

My “gamer cave” looks like this for example…


…and I don’t even smoke.

My dakimakura is immaculately maintained, however.


So the strategist behind EVE is Jesus :hugs:

I now hate you for the endless nightmares you’ve bestowed upon me. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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:boom: :rock: :firecracker: :bangbang:

this is more realistic


:frowning: cannot watch the video in my country.

same for the one after that.

the video i posted is full of profanity it apear you have to be logged on youtube to watch :frowning:

way better than the official

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Mine is just a ~2 minute preview / overview of a documentary from Discovery channel titled “HowStuffWorks - Dry Salt Mining” and shows exactly that, how dry salt is mined using explosives and such.

The other one I did not watch but if memory serves and is the video I think it is it shows scenes with real in-game (voice) chatter, full of everything you might expect from such in EVE.