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Hello CCP Team and fellow players,

I am currently preparing a PowerPoint presentation for a team-building event in my company, and I would love to feature EVE Online, a game I am deeply passionate about. The audience will be our teams located in Pune, India, and the goal is to showcase the game not only as an engaging multiplayer experience but also from the perspective of its intricate virtual macro-economy and its contributions to scientific research and efforts against COVID-19.

Given your expertise and deep understanding of the game’s ecosystem, I would greatly appreciate any assistance you could provide in creating 2-3 impactful slides. I am looking to highlight:

  • The economic complexity and the virtual market systems within EVE.
  • CCP’s innovative initiatives like Project Discovery, which intertwine gameplay with real-world scientific research and contributions to COVID-19 research.

Any visuals, diagrams, or key points you could share would be extremely helpful for making this presentation as informative and exciting as possible.

Thank you very much for considering my request. I am looking forward to possibly making this a memorable insight into the world of EVE Online for my colleagues.

Best regards,


I don’t have any specific slides or tips to share, but things you could start looking at for inspiration:

The monthly economic reports:

Previous presentations from Fanfests (google EVE Online summary presentation Fanfest 20xx):

Other initiatives CCP/EVE has been involved with, like the various “Plex for GOOD” campaigns:

Good luck with it, hope your presentation goes great!

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@CCP_Swift could help


Thanks a lot for your tips! I really appreciate you pointing me in the right direction with those resources. They’re going to be super helpful as I draft my presentation.

You hit the nail on the head about the complexity of EVE Online. It’s challenging to boil down such a detailed game into a few slides, but your suggestions sparked some great ideas for how to structure everything. I’m planning to develop three slides:

  1. An overview of EVE Online, tackling the vastness and depth we talked about.
  2. A deep dive into the unique economic system of the game.
  3. A look at the social and humanitarian initiatives supported by CCP and the game’s community.

For those, I’m still bursting my mind for any way to dig into each subject in only 1 slide …

Thanks again for your insights.



Also, CCP Team,

Following up on my earlier posts, I wanted to highlight how collaborating on this presentation could also benefit CCP, especially with potential to expand further into the Indian market. Presenting EVE Online to an engaged audience at my fellow coworkers in Pune India might help increase the game’s visibility and appeal among Indian gamers.

India’s gaming community is rapidly growing and has a keen interest in games that offer deep, strategic gameplay—a perfect fit for EVE’s complex universe. By showcasing the game’s unique features and the community’s involvement in social causes, we could pique the interest of a new demographic.

Thanks for considering this opportunity for mutual growth!



You could also read about scams people came up, exploiting the complexity of market and contracts.

Some people also run “banks” or ponzi schemes.

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When did that happen? Do you mean that minigame that you can solve by always drawing a huge square in the middle?

With deterministic regards
-James Fuchs

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