Politics in EVE

No one doubt that There are forms of politics in EVE. That is good, but It needs improvment.

At first I will illustrate something. We can not imagine politics that all its parts is not exist in reality, And we can imagine a new empire by combining politics together which is weird. For example, It is hard to imagine an Empire that has no purpose, but It is easy to imagine an Empire that want freedom and then enslave people, that can happen but weird.

Ammar, Minmater, Caldary, and Gallente have some politics that is sometimes not even close to reality, or it is such weird.

What to do in this case ? Do we need to be with other fiction that we don’t love all its politics ? Do we need to join that fiction with some politics that we don’t love ? And why do we need to put our selves in that position ? I suggest to simulate the existing politics without mixing out so people can find the fiction that thay love. Some rules in chat must be obeyed then like respecting the other and discard racism, to make these fictions with colors without politics, or to give right to people to make there own fictions and then the game will be a huge war-zone with Infinite fictions and Infinite fights.

Another thing, the game shouldn’t have politics itself it is just a game where people just want to have some fun.

Finally I am sorry if any misunderstand happened.

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No one is forcing you to roleplay…


When you create a character in EVE, that character can represent you and your personal beliefs, if you wish. You don’t have to follow the beliefs of the race your character belongs to. Your corporation can be your faction. I’m Caldari, but I’m more like a space hippy than anything else, something which is very anti-Caldari.


I’ve always had a problem with fundamentalist slave keepers, and I’m Amarrian. But this is not the game for role-play anyway. Only cost-efficient way to do that in EVE is in the hanger, which is kind of a shame actually. Doesn’t matter what anybody wants in EVE, and even if they got it, the foundation would just be tossed aside for another in a few months.

And nobody knows why there are political themes in EVE, so ignore them as the devs and players do when it’s more convenient, and for everybody’s sake don’t try to introduce yet another.

A world-sized MMO has far less territorial options than a cultural one due the reduced commonality. Frankly in the end you’re talking an armed image society with greatly reduced consequences. So unless you are willing to toss aside any desires, moralities, or beliefs which do not support self-aggrandizement, you won’t have your complete ton of fun.

But good luck.

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Eh, I don’t know.

On one hand, it feels like you’re the one actually bringing politics into it. They are a fictionalized race, and while their creators might have drawn inspiration from real life, what I know about them makes it impossible to point to any one religion and say, “yep, they’re definitely based off of religion X.” Moreover, I am not aware of anything in the lore that could be interpreted to promote or disparage any real life religion, culture, nationality, or other demographic -However, if you do know of specific instance of this, you should definitely bring it up.

On the other hand, it is a video game, and I understand how people don’t want to be reminded of real world politics when they’re trying to relax and have fun.

(Sarcastic Response that probably won’t translate well) And on the other, other hand, Eve has lore? What’s next? Are you going to tell me it has sound too?

(A non-sarcastic response that will hopefully translate better) Also, I don’t play Eve for the lore, and have managed to ignore 95% of it without any effort on my part. In other words, it’s really easy to ignore the lore, and you can still have plenty of fun without it. Personally, I’ve been playing for five years and never needed to know anything more about the lore beyond the types of weapons and tanks typically fitted to the ships of the various races.

Also, “Minmatard” is now my favorite Eve insult.

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Theres CODE, and a variety of gameplay alliances.

The lore is there for the game to look good. You wouldn’t care much if green and blue are fighting over Tama, but if Caldari and Gallente are fighting over it, it’ll care more.

If you see, the Minmatar and Gallente are winning FW. That says a lot. People like to be in-game the “pioneers of democracy”. (though now I fight for Caldari with alts because there’s a lot more people to fight with, since Caldari lost people are more active in it, and Caldari people look better)

The above.

Amarr, Minmatar, Caldari, and Gallente. Its amusing in which you managed to spell all four wrong.


Also, being something in game doesn’t mean being something in real life. If someone is evil inside a movie doesn’t mean they are evil outside of the screen.

Also if you don’t like the Amarr join the blood raiders. I’m not sure whether their ideology suits yours, but maybe it does.


I find the politics in Eve to be entirely up to you.

You’re still going to get shot at no matter what you believe.


I read it but I am not sure I understand what you want, but a deeper political & lore game options are always welcomed by me.

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If the game actually had interesting or immersive lore, maybe.


Bob lives, i’ll sacrifice your corpse to him

I was talking about the politics not about god is he exist or not. I just say that to say : " No one can make a new culture that all it’s parts is not exist in the reality ". and please talk about the subject “do we make the fictions by combining this with this or make them by simulate existed politics or that is not important at all the game is just for play and we should Ignore ?”

Religion is politics but with funny hats.


You’re 1 step ahead of me… I can’t even see any sort of formatting…

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In game politics happen completely seperate from the fiction.

Unless an NPC has started talking about the donut?

Also concept of dieties doesnt equal existence


Even if it did, without belief a deity is nothing more than a lonely person with delusions of grandeur.


Creates post about Lore, including referencing Amarr specifically, flags posts about God.

I mean, really.


Nobody expects the spaceship inquisition.


It was expected, Amarrians are touchy with this subject, but the Vherokior part in me enjoys pissing Amarrians, they are like children when you tell them who Santa is. Very easy to hit on their nerves even without talking about real stuff… Tells you about the level.