Merge two games

If you could merge two games within their genre to where you could play them as one game, which would they be?

To me, the fusion of EVE and X4:Foundations would be amazing.
Even perhaps EVE and Warframe.

What’s your gaming fantasy?

Tic-tac-toe and hopscotch


You might want to check out this game.

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Destiny and No Man’s Sky.

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Thanks! I will. See if I can come up with a good strachechee :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I played Destiny and seen plenty of No Man’s Sky videos. That game would be awesome.

I have played both. In my case, I’m speaking of the first iteration of Destiny where I could screw around doing anything or exploring anywhere and get some interesting stuff. I am still more a fan of Eve’s ‘do what you want’ style than I am of clear progression.

Also I suck at games in general. I used to just sit in a remote location with a sniper rifle in Destiny and shoot bad guys sneaking up on other players doing their own thing a mile away. Watching those players spin around, look at the loot on the ground, and wonder what the hell just happened was half the fun. The other half was using the sniper rifle scope to look at all the pretty scenery.

As you can see, I’m kind of a goober. I don’t want much, other than my freedom.


Same here… the goober part as well.
And sniping enemies who come up behind other players must’ve been so much fun!

I like EvE a lot and I like warframe but I don’t think they would mix well at all. Very different games and very different game worlds. The weird orokin-influenced way the technology in warframe has evolved and the odd but somewhat human-influenced way the technology in New Eden has developed don’t seem to me to all that compatible.

Planetside2 would probably integrate fairly well into EvE. Actually a number of EvE players used to play it quite a bit, but it’s like EvE in that although it’s a good game, it’s best days are likely behind it and the player population is down significantly from yesteryear. Dust514 had quite a bit of Planetside2 vibe goin’ on, imo. Too bad ccp faceplanted so spectacularly on all that.

As a Warhammer40k fan, I’d like to see that and EvE mixed. Amarr Terminators teleporting in to purge some heretics and xenos sounds like a good time to me! Grimdark all around! \o/ Also Tyranid hiveships infesting New Eden would be interesting to see.


Okay, okay, I’ll be that guy. EvE Online and Dust514 !
p.s. on pc please :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


True but since we’re dealing in science-fiction and games, the incompatibilities could be worked out to the benefit of both games.

I’m not a big fan of Planetside 2 at all and the loss of players was evident to me in all my 30 hours of play. I dropped that game so fast it hit the ground before I heard the thud.
To merge Plabetside 2 and EVE would be a match in Heaven in the way both games are managed and how both manage to lose players while having everything to please in their core concepts.
As for Dust514, just make an in-game link from EVE to Planetside 2 and voilà.

That’s interesting. I’m not a Warhammer40k fan but for the art and merging it with EVE would certainly give interesting results.

That’s a whole program already. And the whole idea of merging games may someday see the light of day as more and more studios merge with bigger gaming entities.

That’s like the blind leading the blind :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Not talking about the execution at the time, but the potential :wink:


I agree, potentially kickass. Realistically, I think it would only be used by 3% of the players and then scrapped :wink:

It’s a significant problem for sure. How much would each separate game have to change before they both become merge-able ? And what audience would it attract ? Uncharted lands… But imagine for a moment that with the current changes to bpo’s and the increased need for more PI stuff, that planets are conquerable with ‘feet on the ground’.

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Yes. I don’t know how they missed the boot-on-the-ground conquest of a planet as a requirement to exploit said planet in their game design. As it is now, it looks and feel as if all the planets are devoid of sentient life, and that, after nearly 20 years of active development.
I’ll just chalk it to laziness and the desire to make a quick buck.

World of Tanks and RollerCoaster Tycoon.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Hey, now that’s a game I would like to try, lol.

Merge EVE and any Hentai Game.

Would be awesome.

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