Eve space needs to become more interactive

Mining: start mining, come back in 20 minutes. Unless someone kills you while you were asleep from being busy “mining”.

Factional warfare: capturing points: an NPC spawns once in 2 minutes. I could be reading a book while doing this. Unless a group of enemy players warps in and murders you, and then you have to go back to your base, fit a ship and come back, which is like 5 minutes of nothingness. Factional warfare is relatively new, how could they make it so boring?

In order for this game to survive, it needs to become interactive. Devs should take a look at Elite Dangerous and Space Citizen mining. No reading books and sleeping allowed!

Very wrong part of the forum to post that in.

At worst, EvE is better than the games you mentioned in every other game aspect. Which means it’s still better than anything else out there. If you don’t think so, then why play EvE ? EvE devs have never felt the necessity to “look at how other games do things”, EvE devs were and still are the trend setters. It’s the other games that look at EvE, and then try to figure out a different type of game to cater for the masses.

If you have to come back in 20 minutes while mining, it’s clearly not a Hulk you’re using, lol. Unboosted ice mining - mining hold full after 5 cycles or 4.6 minutes - no implants, advanced skills…

The important part of the interaction is the player interaction. If you are immune to the danger factor, then it’s perhaps because you haven’t had enough encounters… in which case you should request from ccp to have more active (pvp) players in this (pvp) game.


EVE is coming up on it’s 20th anniversary.



“Feature Previews & Feedback”.

As expected, “Don’t like, don’t play”.

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Indeed. The Feature Previews are the ones listed in your esc window in the tab called “Feature Previews”. And this section is for feedback on those pre-full-release features. None of the alleged issues you raise here are Feature Previews (Photon UI, Multiple Overviews are currently Feature Previews).

Expected you say ? When ccp goes the extra mile(s) to overhaul Factional Warfare, it “needs to become more interactive”. When ccp implemented the changes to mining last year to make it more interactive, it “needs to become more interactive”. Sadly, that was not unexpected.

You can play this game on harder levels, if you like more interaction. Ex.: come mine in nullsec, where if you mine e.g. ice, you’ll get attacked by rats every 10 minutes or so and more often than not including a battleship or two or three, or where you can run anoms (yawn yawn, terrible grind) which have a chance of spawning a dreadnaught rat that will remove you from your ship.

How much interaction do you want ? And does it need to be spread evenly across all activities, locations and difficulty levels ?

Btw, I didn’t tell you “to go back to WoW”, as used to be fashionable in the old days. I did ask you if you thought the advantages of EvE in general didn’t outweigh the benefits you saw in other games for the particular elements you brought up (and if not, why play EvE).


I have moved your post to a forum which better fits the topic.


Some people like to, or have to, chill while others want more engagement. If you don’t like how “not engaging” a play style is then… do another play style. In FW you CAN just sit there and farm but you can also just actively look for fights, this is a choice. Seems like you choose farm to them complain about how farming is not fulfilling (to you).


Here’s my step-by-step guide of how to make Eve more interactive when doing FW:

  1. (optional but recommended) Join an active corporation that does stuff together
  2. Type in local chat to talk to other folks.
  3. Only warp into FW plexes if someone else is in there, so go out and search for those occupied ones!
  4. If upon warping in…
    • they’re friendly:
      a. execute step 1 to say hello and start a convo
      b. leave the plex, and go to step 2.
    • they’re unfriendly:
      a. generate space wrecks
      b. execute step 1 once wreckage generation is complete
      c. if you lived, leave the plex, go to step 2.

This knowledge doesn’t come free: please contract me 1 Exotic Dancer. Thanks.


That would force them to choose to be active, put in effort and risk stuff, that’s not what they want. They want lazy, low effort and grindy play styles but somehow feel like they actually achieved something like… a participation trophy.


I belive he knows that, and he also knows how ignored that part of the forum is, hence he is posting it here. EDIT: ah ok he didn’t post into general and you didn’t meant that general is bad place where to post it either… fair enough

That really isn’t good argument why to change aspects in which this game is worse than those mentioned.

:rofl: :joy: :rofl:

When I was mining I had some fun talking with other miners in chat, so yes you are right, fleeting up and not playing this game solo is definitely a way how to make it more active.

He still has a point though and chatting with others be it in ingame chat or using comms (discord,ts) is basically just a workaround for a crappy game design.

That being said, FW is not that bad as he paints it because of that continuous npc spawn and also danger of pvp. On the other hand, having to constantly press V or button every 2 seonds isn’t good game design either…

Then if people don’t like the game (because of bad design, etc) then they should instead play a game that they find satisfying.

But on the way out, :poop: in the punch bowl everyone else is partying with is just being an asshole.

An absolute argument. You won. :slight_smile:

I get what you’re saying, there are things that can be done to improve the game. We can make “attentive gameplay” which is what OP wants so they don’t have time to read a book. The problem is “attentive” doesn’t mean “fun” and 99% of the threads in this forum are us denizens arguing about pointless nuances of what changes would be “fun”.

It’s all a waste of time and energy because CCP doesn’t give a ■■■■ about their own feedback from their own official forums maybe except for specific instances by specific devs. But don’t let me stop you, feel free to skip over me and keep discussing the crappy gameplay that needs improving. I’m sure this time it’ll make a difference…


I don’t want more interactive. I’m enjoying this game just the way it is, thanks. It’s nice to be able to not look at the game and watch some shows while mining after coming home from a day of hard work. Don’t try to force your play style ideals on other people.

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No, I know it is waste of time. I know CCP doesn’t care about improving the game, they only care about making more money out of us.

But stop painting it all pink and bright because it ain’t so.

Also, most of the peoples on the forum are arguing against any such changes, not because they wouldn’t be fun, but because this crappy un-interactive desing suits their (semi)AFK or straight up botting gameplay.

How about eating pizza? :smiley:

I don’t think I am? I’m sorry for giving you the wrong impression.

I sincerely gave OP ways to be more interactive in the game. In the meantime, CCP can work on the problem of having created a very safe and stagnant boring universe. And we can discuss pointless things. Like, Imagine if there were any sort of exponentially scaling cost to the game to promote decentralization, smaller group gameplay, and chaos and fun. The only thing like that in the game are orange and blue Jump Fatigue timers and it works very effectively for its limited goal.

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I’m currently doing 3 different things on 5 toons at once. If you can’t find something to do or some kind of entertainment value in EVE, that’s on you…


Yes, that is another workaround :wink: .

And another awesome argument. There surely are fun activities that requires a lot of input. You can even do some of these on demand whenever you want. That doesn’t however mean that this game doesn’t have ton of badly designed and boring activities that requires almost no input at all.

But that won’t change, so yes, @Melanol_Telin stop wasting time and effort here, try to find something in this game that is more interactive namely: security missions, abyssal pve, combat signatures, data/relic sites. Or try another game. Or like many, if you have certain goal and you absolutely must play this game and do this boring activity that requires no input for minutes/hours, then watch netflix while you do it or play another game while you do it. :smiley: Or pay $$$ so you can multibox 3+ accounts and then you will not have this problem at all.

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