Eve space needs to become more interactive

I like that there’s a mix of activities with varying degrees of attention required. It’s not like every aspect of the game can easily be played with low levels of attention paid, but it’s a good thing that people can pick and choose what parts they want to enjoy.

It is a shame though that so many bittervets have decided to respond with the “Don’t play MY game then!”.

And what you’re doing is an example of why the OP won’t ever get his wish, because CCP loves mulltiboxers :smiley:

Please don’t take away my autopilot


i have explained many times here why low interactivity + less guided content is GOOD for a sandbox MMO
therefore your idea is invalid
you have 10 days to change your mind
or else …

I appreciate folks being concerned for the health of the game. I myself worry too much about player numbers and have to be reminded often “Many said it was dying when I started 10 years ago”

That being said, I specifically don’t play Elite Dangerous BECAUSE this game solo isn’t about “interactivity”

This game solo is about strategy. It’s about reading up on what other people have done, what’s worked, and what to avoid, then making a plan and either sticking to it, deviating from it, or failing. The goal is simple: make money, as quickly as possible.

Time is the real enemy, and focus is your weapon. Remaining calm when you realize “I’ve just jumped into a gate camp”, and being calm enough to realize “I planned for this, I can tank the damage and MAYBE burn back to the gate, if I click the right buttons in the right order at the right time”

That’s why I play this game more than I play Elite. This is high stakes virtual fishing & space trucking as far as I’m concerned, and I love it

That’s why I play



If you are an alpha using Venture with laser class 1, 20 minutes is about correct. You need to upgrade them to class 2 lasers and add the upgrade. I have about 14 minutes to gather a full load. During that time, you can fiddle with ship builds, browse contracts, or watch something on YouTube (assuming you are not in low sec).

Factional warfare: capturing points: an NPC spawns once in 2 minutes. I could be reading a book while doing this. Unless a group of enemy players warps in and murders you, and then you have to go back to your base, fit a ship and come back, which is like 5 minutes of nothingness. Factional warfare is relatively new, how could they make it so boring?

Because this is not Overwatch 2.

In order for this game to survive, it needs to become interactive. Devs should take a look at Elite Dangerous and Space Citizen mining. No reading books and sleeping allowed!

Have you tried to rescue the princess from the space dungeon? Get yourself some Calm Exotic Filaments – I know it sounds like soft porn, but it is not – take a ship into Abyssal Space. I dare you to read a book or fall asleep in there.

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I did like 50 tranquil and calm filaments according to the guide on the wikia. There is no fun in there: Yes, it’s dangerous, but too repetitive (enough repetitive that a bot out there does it for you), and there is no point in playing them with a company. So I tried FW, and even joined a big FW alliance, and I tried joining fleets and chatting a lot, and it just lame: Since rewards per complex are limited, no one wants you around, even your own fleet does not tell in the fleet chat where they are. And you just sin on your ass for 10+ min clicking “Scan” non-stop, shooting a rat once in 90 sec. It’s… just bad game design.

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Wow, something interactive once in 10 minutes. I am coming to nullsec, baby! Don’t even try to stop me! Woohoo!

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Do you feel sane playing 5 instances of a game to compensate for its boring gameplay?


No arcade game in your part of the world ? Come visit nullsec, you’ll be an appreciated part of one of our local arcade games.

Worm holes! :face_with_peeking_eye:

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NOOooooo ! I saw him first. :crazy_face:

Anyhooo, he lost ships in w-space in 2019

There is really no reason to fight over silly things such as asteroids, after all there are many of them and almost too many.

Unless everybody undocked and wanted to go mining then there could be conflict.

Well, if you don’t like the game and it’s too boring, please leave your stuff in the “new player help hanger” in the Fortizar so we can pick through it after you biomass.

Thanks for coming in today.

I have no horse in this race but I wouldn’t mind making mining more active, maybe I’d actually do some gas huffing on the side if it wasn’t so mind-numbigly boring. I know, I know, you can get hunted or NPCs might spawn and that’s great, but with exploration I have to stay active all the time so I’d rather do that for less isk, but more fun/h.