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Hello, I have a question regarding an EvE film. Would you contribute to a crowdfunded film directed by a current award winning director? I have been considering getting the ball rolling on this project due to my connections irl. I can write the screenplay, though we would have to get rights from CCP.

I want the film to be based upon the EvE novel, Templar One by Tony Gonzales. If you have not read it, it’s an amazing piece of work. Length of the film will be based on funding. I would rather use limited funding to make a good short film than a long crappy one.

What do you think of the possible success of this project? Would you contribute, tell your friends, act? What would you like to see in an EvE film? General thoughts on the subject, go!


Do you have any thoughts on the art, costumes, cgi and other visuals about setting the scenes at all, and how much depth you were thinking of going into?

Costumes could be drawn largely from the existing character creation. I would welcome help designing such things from cosplayers, people talented in that area that might not be able to contribute funds, but could contribute talent.

I would want live action, but animated might be cheaper. I would have to do more research to be sure. Setting scenes would largely depend on that factor.

Depth? Well, the book is pretty deep. Unfortunately, even with a feature length film, we would have to cut it down… I’m thinking of making the film cover the book to the end of the battle for Pikes Landing. Pretty awesome scenery, could tie it up and see if we could get the funding for a series. This would mean cutting some of the deeper story line, unfortunately. This is the area o have given the most thought to. Still working on an outline for it.

In all honesty it’s something I’d be interested in watching, and as you say adapting to screenplay will always lose a little bit whether it’s a web/tv series, or film. Will be interested to see where this goes and others opinions.

As this idea develops, I think I may want to start with a short film based on one of the EvE Chronicles. This would be cheaper, easier to produce and work as proof of concept for better funding and a larger audience base.

I want to see if we can get EvE to a level like Warhammer has. Lots of folks love the W lore, but don’t play the games, tabletop or otherwise.

Would I???!!

Oh, never mind. It’s considered maybe the worst EVE novel what with underage orgies et al. Unless I’m mistaking it with another book.

Based on this, no

Yes, just like Stephen King’s IT

I agree that attempting a short subject is more likely to succeed. Perhaps a nonprofit fan production. Getting official license from CCP might be difficult, since they were attempting something.

CCP’s CEO addressed this topic in a rare forum AMA:

Years ago you talked about a TV series what happened to this?
We had ambitious plans for this, but right now we’re focusing on being a video games company and are working hardcore to prepare EVE for the third decade. Don’t worry though, we still have plans and the fire is still very much burning in terms of wanting to bring New Eden to the silver screen. Nothing to reveal right now, but we’ll see what the future brings.

The “ambitious plans” may have refered to this 2015 announcement.

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Wouldn’t touch Templar One with a bargepole though.

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I liked Templar One, but it might be a hard story for none Eve-lore people to understand. The viewer would have to already be familiar with New Eden things like the four races, cloning, neural transfers, etc.


Parts of it are alright, some people really hate some scenes in it, but there are so many fundamental mistakes lorewise that it doesn’t work. Better off actually writing something original.

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Game of Thrones had underage sex all through it, so did IT… not an issue for me. Underage sex happens irl.

Well, if you want to, go ahead. Just saying I wont participate in making T1 a reality, but maybe someone else will.

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Hello, this is a wonderful idea, although personally I would be more inclined to contribute financially to Eve: The Empyrean Age also by Mr. Gonzalez. That book totally blew me away. Would you be open to considering that book as an option?

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