New Eden on the big screen

I know we capsuleers are the creators of EVE’s history, but as in every other game there is a lore to it.

I watched this video: and realized that if CCP ever decides go make a movie about EVE it could be huge not only to us, but to all Sci-Fi fans.

If one guy with a little bit of free time can be so creative then there is no limit for CCP. I wonder if they have thought about this, since it is getting more and more popular for other games to make it to the big screen.
This could potentially be a huge advertisement for the game itself.

Would you like to see a movie about EVE or is it enough for you to already participate into it?

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With the current Dev teams apparently being stretched to their creative and budget limits, I am loathe for them to be working on anything else than direct EVE in game content.

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And how will you accuratly portrait gate camping, mining and so forth?..

There’s already a project to produce a TV mini-series. It’s been on the talks for years and is supposed to be sitting on Ridley Scott’s table along with other 200 projects he might decide to produce someday. The suggested director could be an Icelandic dude who made a documentary about climbing mount Everest.

Chances are low, though, as EVE is not a brand large enough to pick the public’s attention so it should be undertaken as a standalone SF mini-series; and concepts for those are a dime a dozen.


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Only 2 scripts for outer space. Must be difficult to do that or something.

EVE is already on the big screen. Watch Delonewolf on the 70 inch all the time.

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