Eve Chronicles on the Big Screen

Eve has 215 chronicles that can be converted into Big Screen movies. How would it work?

Each chronicle would be converted into an animated format that would tell the same story but on the Big Screen. Each week a different Chronicle would be shown at a system fly-in movie theater located in a solar system of each race.

The movie screen would basically be an immense version of a billboard seen at gates in High Sec.

You could purchase a ticket from a ticket agent the day of movie or a week in advance for a select time to watch the chronicle.

The chronicle would show twice during the week and all weekend long starting on Friday evening and ending Sunday evening.

While the chronicles are playing, up to an hour before and after the movie is being presented, there would not be any combat allowed in the system at all so as to keep the Gankers from ruining the movie for everyone.

There is not a single MMORPE that has an in game theater to watch it own inter stories on. Eve Online would be the first to have such in game entertainment. Having movies in game could be another selling point to attract new subscribers with as well as retaining current subscribers and providing a new form of entertainment for everyone else.


CCP does it wrong, you do it wrong, most people learn it wrong.

There is only ONE solar system in the entire universe, and it is the system of the star called Sol. “Solar” refers to our system, the SOLar system, because that is the name of the star. Whoever made this mistake should be forced to write it on a blackboard, ten thousand times, until he learns.


I’m certain that your definition of what a solar system is would be considered a Flat Earth mentality.

I’m also certain that your status in the literary world does not transcends the Merriam-Webster definition.

: the sun together with the group of celestial bodies that are held by its attraction and revolve around it; also : a similar system centered on another star


Your reputation is no longer valid on the forums.


The idea is intriguing to say the least. +1 for thinking outside the box.

Seems kinda cool, knowing CCP they’d probably charge PLEX for admission to the ‘Fly In’ Theater and then have a big ‘Free For All’ mosh pit PvP combat event afterwards.

Anyway, threads like this should be posted in ‘Player Features & Ideas’ forum.

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Yeah. It’s not a bad idea. EVE has a long story behind to film some kind of saga like Star Wars. Lord of the Rings and others. Andrew Groen believes that it can be possible in the future.


A good movie requires not only historical facts (it should not be some sort of documentary film), but a dedicated screenplay and other movie techniques.


Combat would be not be allowed during the times that the movies were being shown to keep gankers come blobbing to the out of station event.

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Would be nice to know in the first place what happened to suposedly worked on EVE tv series. :thinking:


Instead of all that bother about fly-in, no combat, etc, they could just make them available to watch on our CQ screens!..oh wait…


A drive-in cinema in space. I like the idea, because why the hell not.
Maybe even pay tickets with PLEX?


Isk flow
Money flow
Cash flow
In the end of the day it always about money


an interesting idea,
I am still waiting for an actual EvE tv show, or actual Movie.

Templar One(the book) i think could be a good starting point for EvE online based films as its the closest to our current in game timeline.

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Remember that Roman who disciplined that one dissident into writing “ROMANS GO HOME” correctly in Latin 100 times?

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Oh Solstice dude you gon dun it :smiley:

The idea is interesting, and has merit. As for the EVE Movie bit keep disney the hell away from it…


I want a disney EVE movie with myself as the Minmatar princess.
“On a planet far, far away, in a rusty castle, there lived a princess…”

And a talking fedo as a companion who sings songs every 15 minutes using its natural method of communication. :wink:

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Oh-oh here we go again, remind me why do I keep around this fartsinger? Entertainment? I dont know if its worth it.
/puts on a gas mask

Grab your popcorn and enjoy the movie.


Just wait, Uwe Boll might be interested …

: - )

Are you still hanging out in minmatar chat?

Uwe Bo…


More please.