Are they still making an EVE Online TV show?

Remember TV?


I’ve heard “The Expanse” is a pretty good “kind of” Eve Online tv show.


I thought it was based on science?

Wait. TV? You have time for TV?

Turn that damn thing off and get back to wasting all of your time exclusively in EVE where you should be!!!

Bloody TV n sh1t… I ask you…

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You mean, EVE is not?:thinking:

I only play EVE to watch tv or youtube while doing it.:grin:

By the way lately I didn’t had time for either of those. I fell into an anime obsession again and watched a lot of shows in bed on my tablet. And I love it.:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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The Expanse is all about a realistic near-future style with proper physics where space itself can be an antagonist.

Eve is a submarine simulator with underwater mechanics and hand waved magic level technology, “clarketech”.


Sounds more like ED then.

Just another great announcement they made that didn’t result in anything. Classic CCP

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