Who wants to see EVE Online adapted in to an isekai anime

With the fact that EVE Online’s television series likely won’t be getting off the ground anytime soon, who’s interested in seeing EVE Online being adapted in to an isekai genre anime



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Why not? Just curious

I’d prefer a live action puppet show like the old school Thunderbirds.

Animie is for basement dwellers as I previous pointed out none of the top grossing movies are animie despite plenty of animation movies on the 100 list.

Wanna go broke, go animie.

You want to see EVE adapted for this?

In that case might as well put Brie Larson as a capsuleer and make a B movie with all sorts of woke messages in it. I’m sure Hollywood would love the idea.

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I would kill for this.

I mean that literally, as in real-life kill someone for it. Or multiple people, even. I would take bath salts and chew off Epeen’s face like a rabid bulldog just for a pilot episode.

:rofl: Now that’s passion!
I understand you like anime and it’s cool, to each their own. I’m not going to knock it. I wasn’t raised on that though ( I wasn’t raised on much actually, I was forbidden to watch tv ) so I don’t see the appeal.
I still want bunny ears on my character though so I can’t judge :sweat_smile:

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But what genre? Isekai? Harem? Reverse Harem? Yaoi? :thinking:

Supernatural romance.

Or ultra-violent sienen like Berserk or Vinland, but with spaceships.

No weebs!

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My idea was that it would be a sci-fi dark comedy and adventure. Basically a web who really loves EVE Online mysteriously ends up in the game and has to adjust to life in New Eden

Off topic but CCP could probably make a really cool cgi movie. Their trailers are always good, even the old ones.

I still get chills from this one.

It think a CGI TV series would be even better given how open world EVE Online is

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