EVE Online X Evangelion

Who would be personally interested in seeing CCP do a crossover between EVE Online and Evangelion

No thank you.

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An Evangelion crossover might be alright. I can definitely see some parallels:

  • CCP is NERV and the CSM is SEELE, both trying to achieve the Human Instrumentality Project by turning all of EVE’s players into a single asteroid-mining hive mind
  • Scarcity was the Second Impact because it halved the game’s population, with the ostensibly noble goal of trying to ensure the game’s survival as a whole
  • Princess Aiko is actually Lilith, and is essentially giving every whiny carebear (i.e. Shinji) a choice between getting absorbed into a homogeneous asteroid-mining conformity blob, or rejecting such an existence by thinking and acting for themselves.

The potential is definitely there. But I have to say: while having a Ramiel skin or sound effects for my ship does sound appealing, if CCP really wants me to drop a few thousand bucks in the EVE store, they’ll go for a Nekopara crossover instead.

Plot twist, we are the angels.

Even if they had an EVA-01 skin for the Caldari Merlin, an EVA-00 skin for the Condor, and a EVA-02 skin for the Vengance, I think that would also be enough of a homage. Besides I always pictured Shinji, Rei, and Asuka being best suited for those ships respectively. Thoughts anyone?…

Shinji would obviously fly a Covetor, since he always complains as much as miners do.

Rei would be in a Rorqual, because of, well, the whole clone bay thing.

LOL. But really, I’m going more by the capabilities and roles of their Evangelion’s then the personalities of their pilots.

Don’t take it the wrong way, I do appreciate you’re input though

How about EVE Online x Mr. Bean so I can pilot my ship sitting on its roof?
Should I make a thread?
How many crossover threads are there going to be because there could potentially be hundreds.

Oh, how about a crossover with the A-Team? D’you think Mr. T could fit into a capsule?

I understand, I’ll stop with the crossovers. Just my first time using this thing often, so I’m really sorry if I got a bit to annoying

Mr. T ain’t getting shoved inside no egg, fool.


You are not annoying and by all means, don’t let me ruin your fun. I’m just saying… I wouldn’t pretend to tell you what not to do in someone’s else forum.
Maybe we could have 1 thread for all crossover ideas.

:rofl: I might’ve known.

Would this xover include authentic anime girl jumpsuits for our characters? :smirk:

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Oooh that would be a good idea

Thanks. I’ll do that next time instead. Thanks for the suggestion

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I pity the foo’ who tries to pod Mr. T.

–Howlin’ Mad Gadget

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