Other crossover ideas, anyone?

Enough for tantrum

Let us brainstorm together for EVE’s publicity and PA’s finance: what crossover would be better?

More interesting (broken, if you will) lore? Quick moneygrab from newcomers? New vanity items? Details are always welcome. We are living in the world Steve and Sora fighting each other, so everything goes.

Leave your silly idea for shits and giggles in the most depressing time in New Eden.

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Event Horizon.


Babylon 5

Freespace 2

The Expanse

Lost in Space

Men in Black ? :smiley:

… The Matrix ? :sweat_smile:

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Minecraft. With new skins to turn your ships into pixelated, blocky goodness.



Noo-Noo the Fedo!


Harry Potter will be next surely?

I’m surprised they’ve not got on the Lego bandwagon as well. The Dr Who stuff feels like a complete joke but I’d be onboard with flying a lego rifter

i suggest to do it like WotC does with “magic the gathering” with Fortnite and Streetfighter crossovers.

my first Idea would be a bulky gallente ship with red stripes on the cockpit called:
E. Honda Civic.


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Back then Lego stated the EVE crossover is dropped due to “copyright issue.” Lego is as trustworthy as CCP, so I have no idea behind the scene.

addelee, your post is actually genius. A collaboration of CCP with Lego would be AMAZING. Obviously I’m not talking about in-game, but in real life. Having officially licensed Lego builds based on EVE stuff. Imagine a Lego diorama of an Avatar unlocking from a Keepstar. nuff said.

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Hello Kitty is the only one we’ve ever asked for.

Sanrio do anything for money.

Id say it was a no brainer but clearly lack of brains isnt helping ccp make any good decisions so far this year


Yeah, Sanrio is very open to crossovers, except the founder said no to violence. Kitty Kestrels never come. :sob:

CCP offended us by issuing NFTs.
Speaking of NFT, there is a huge swarm of bad monkeys. Monkey clones! Let’s shoot Yoiul clones again but they are automatically generated monkey portraits! (Don’t worry, they’re not minted.)
Some would be offended by shooting nonhuman animals, but if they release their own cruelty-free EVE I will glad to join.

Uh then how come theres Hello Kitty Kaijus?

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Kaijus are sometimes depicted as victims of human civilization, so… :roll_eyes:

Okay Pearl Abyss, here’s a thing.

Korean gamers including you guys know the notorious Lineage series. They’re siphoning billions from men of 30-50’s in Korea, Taiwan and Russia. Some worship it while others hate claiming Lineage is just a toxic gamble.

However, Lineage is all about grief, sharing some aspects with EVE. In this pay-to-win hell, businessmen who can’t play video games pay their family savings to grief other players who can’t afford millions.

You’ve released the top-notch Doctor Who crossover video, so it’s not difficult to make the Mafia City-style teaser, giving those lazy gambling addicts some fantasies.

Let those P2W girth in by collaborating with Lineage or its clones. Give them a short-term joy of muta-on-officer-clad marauders, and make them undock their shiny pinatas. Quadruple the CCP income, years of free omega for us. This is a win-win.

Blakes 7

  • It’s long overdue for a reboot of some kind (preferably with a budget this time)

  • It could easily have taken place in a corner of New Eden, shortly before the rise of the empires. (Maybe the Liberator was an early Triglavian prototype?)

  • It is also dark & gritty (Avon and Servalan would have ruled EVE!)

  • It is also pretty hilarious at times (though often completely unintentionally, due to the shoestring budget and hammy acting)

  • It could provide CCP with an arsenal of wacky attire to flog in the store, possibly even enough to justify the return of the walking in stations feature for extra laughs.

What’s not to like, right?


That never stopped one being violent lol

I have a good ideea!

CCP and Intelligence! Wow what a crossover that would be ! LOL LMAO

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My bad, he says no war, to be accurate. He’d survived from bombing attacks afaik.

Just replace the Triglavians with Predators.


OMG. Lost in Space! Starring Mitani as Dr Smith!!