The Expanse TV series - very EVE universe-like

Except it may be set thousands of years before EVE Online current timeline. It’s like watching a historical documentary of what EVE universe was like before Star Gate and EVE gate technologies were discovered. If you guys are interested, check it out, if you haven’t already :slight_smile:


The Expanse combined with Altered Carbon would be very close to New Eden pre stargates.


I very much enjoyed the series, and liked the depiction of spaceborn combat.


I thought Firefly had a bit of EVE in it. See for yourself:

The ship design does tick a few boxes in my view with EVE’s ship designs.

And so does this space station, which does look a bit like a mashup of a Minmatar station with a Gallente station.

I haven’t had quite the same impression of The Expanse yet. The series is also now only getting into its second season and seems to have still a lot of development going on. It could still go in a lot of different directions.

The spaceships in The Expanse do have a bit in common with EVE’s design, such as the weapon systems and perhaps the “SKIN” on it, but the engines are definitely larger than your typical EVE engines:


Is Firefly any good? It was released in 2002, not sure I would be able to get into it with outdated CGI :stuck_out_tongue:

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It wasn’t so much famous for it’s spaceship, but for its characters and its story. It is definitely worth watching for this very reason.

That said, any Firefly fan who doesn’t already know might be quite surprised to read that its maker Josh Whedon / Mutant Enemy Productions is now responsible for the production of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D… :rofl:


8/10, I almost logged in to start running locator agents

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The first thing I thought when I saw the Martian shiops was that they looked very Caldari. I like the depiction of space combat in the series though. No dogfighting dynamics that you usually get in things, but rather a more true 3D combat, along with just strafing the living sh*t out of anything, hoping you hit something important.

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That’s interesting…except it isn’t. The expanse uses science and full Newtonian physics. Eve uses space water and we fly like airplanes.

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I thought it looks like “if ORE were to build combat ships”. I think it’s missing an animal-theme to fit the bill for a Caldari ship. It looks too purpose-build, just like the Noctis, for me to register as Caldari.

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Dodging that would be a problem tho.

Now thats a drone, not like those proppy things.

That’s not a drone/ Now this…this is a drone…

It still has a loyal cult following. 16 years later. The characters, story, and environment were all incredibly well put together. Definitely recommend watching the series first, and then if you wish to administer any coup de grâce to your hopes for a sequel, watch the movie Serenity. Definitely don’t start with Serenity though.

One of the 2 series that I bought hard copies of, purely to support the brand. I’ma go watch it again :smiley:

Also one thing that occured to me when watching was the Commander of the Donnager brought @Diana_Kim very much to mind.

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Perish the thought, and perhaps someone on the expanse set plays EVE…

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IIRC, before The Expanse ever became a book series it was first an idea for an MMO type game inspired by EVE, but set closer to our time. Then it was played out as tabletop RPG by the two guys who became the writing team (jointly using the name James S.A. Corey) for the book series.

The Expanse is awesome, some of the best sci-fi on television right now, but apparently SyFy is declining to renew it for a fourth season and continue the story, so there is an effort by cast, crew and the fans to get it renewed or get like Netflix or Amazon or such to pick it up.

They have like a petition that was like north of 120,000 signatures, plus getting calls from newspapers, magazines, astronauts and some celebrities to save it. Hopefully something will work out, but the petition is here.

But definitely check The Expanse out if you have not already!

Sadly the reason for not going on with The Expanse, is because the decline in live viewings. Yup still in this day and age they are still slaves to the Neilsen Rating system .
I really hope Netflix picks it up, i was suprised that it wasn’t a Netflix series cause here in sweden i can see it on netflix.

I assume that’s because it’s the live viewings that generate the advertising revenue. This is something that’ll cripple the more traditional broadcasters in the end, they won’t change operating model and streaming will eventually kill them off.

Nods somberly indeed,i think streaming hit off cause you can miss an episode. But still see it when you like and no freaking commercial breaks…