Sad news

Some sad news just got to me and im sure that more people here will feel the same.
A friend of mine and long time EvE player have died.
Thx for all of the good memories i have in EvE beacuse of you and the chat’s we have had during the years after i stoped playing the game. You will always be in my heart mate!
RIP Mech Core

/Niklas (Lodhi) - Celestial Apocalypse


While I’m not familiar with that particular player, I’m sure they will be missed by friends and other players such as yourself. The original EVE players are starting to get up there in age, myself included…

Hope you can get over this loses

I’m so sorry for your loss.

I am glad that this player meant enough to you to put this post out. I hope that you have had wonderful memories, and I just hope that the friends you have made with them inside an old video game will provide eternally happy memories.

There is an in-game cemetary where they can be interred forever in EVE honor, but I don’t know how one goes about doing that.

Rest in piece Mech Core, fly among these brilliant stars forever.

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Always sad to hear a Capsuleer has joined the ‘Spirit In The Sky’…

In remembrance of all our fallen comrades…


Tribute to the Fallen | EVE Online

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