Fleet in Memory of a fallen pilot

It is with great sadness that I have to write this post. @Sten_Makanen was a kind and genuine man who helped out new and old players find enjoyment in the game. I was fortunate enough to have gotten to know Sten and had him within our corporation.

Words are not enough to convey the gentle and generous nature of this man, committed to his family both IRL and in space. We have decided that a fitting way for us who aren’t able to attend his funeral will hold a public fleet to celebrate his life.

Saturday 21st 18:00 eve we will be departing from Jita and traveling to Molea where we shall place a container as a memorial to his career and his life. All are welcome to join he had reached a few people in the universe. I ask that we use shuttles and or frigate, fireworks are encouraged!.


Rest among the stars, loved and remembered ever.


Death ends a life, not a relationship.



My buddy,

My friend John Jasunas has recently past away thursday 5/12/2022. This guy was fighting for his life but unfortanly god took him away.

This guy was a good, kind, loveable family man. I was glad that i meet him through this game. We been friends ever since i meet him online as to many others online too. I am glad i had the chance to meet him in person many times with his wife and kiddos too. What a fun guy to be around with. I am very sad hes not here no more. He was awesome guy that talked with me with few things in my life.

This guy left behind his wife, and kids and his whole family that supported him throughout his life.

Rest in peace my friend

Your buddy nick

Dear God,

We come to you today with a heavy heart. We have lost a friend, and we need your help in dealing with our grief. Please take away our sadness and replace it with hope and joy. Help us to remember the good times we shared with this person and find comfort in knowing that they are now in a better place. Give us strength to move forward without them and remind us that there will be many more opportunities to make friends like them in the future. We ask these things in Your Name,



I met Sten back in 2019 at our Steel City Eve player meet-up and he was planning on attending our 2020 event which was cancelled due to Covid. He was a gracious and enthusiastic man and I worked with him in-game several times for various projects over the years. I am saddened for his friends, his family and those that flew with him in-game.

I can’t attend the fleet due to Anger Games practice but I will be lighting a special cyno for him later on Saturday in Ouelletta.



I may never of been apart of your journey, but now your name is apart of mine, you will live on by those who remember you.


Eyes forward, capsuleer, the cyno is not yet lit.
Consider your modules, your rigs and ammo before you undock.
For the cyno is not yet lit.
Break free of the station and witness the universe before you.
For the cyno is not yet lit.

Set your ship to fly through the vastness while you wait.
For the cyno is not yet lit.
Pay attention, capsuleer, for those who have gone before you call for you to join them.
The cyno is now lit.

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Death really sucks.


God Speed my unknown friend.

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Words to describe Sten Makanen:
Loyal, Helpful, Kind.

Sten was our T2 expert, so when I first joined FAYN he helped me out a long the way. He was also knowledgeable about other industrial aspects. Always willing to help anyone. Newbro mining boxes, etc.

Gradually I got to know him outside of game. He was always talking about family. His children, wife and siblings. He loved them all very much.

Rest well my friend. I will see you on the other side of the EVE gate.


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