The passing of an FC - Final Fleet

Update Staging is the same system we will be fighting is Huola if you wish to set up Capitals.

It is with great regret that I must announce the passing of a dear friend and a great FC Killfest.

We will be inviting all parties to join us in a final hooray on the 13th Nov at 20:00 evetime leaving from Otelen. This will be an organized brawl where we welcome all capsuleer’s to join our public fleet or bring something to throw down against us, the rules are simple : battleships and support only, please join our public channel D-Sync if you intend to fly with us for more details. The grid and system will be announced at this time in the staging system and the fight will begin at 20:30 eve time, if you knew Killfest can I kindly request you share this post and get the word out to the wonderful community that is eve online. If your going to drop capitals can we request no more than ten per group, so we can keep the battle going and engaging for all parties involved, this is not about K:D Ratio its to remember one of our brothers.

Eyes forward, capsuleer, the cyno is not yet lit. Consider your modules, your rigs and ammo before you undock, for the cyno is not yet lit. Break free of the station and witness the universe before you, For the cyno is not yet lit. Set your ship to fly through the vastness while you wait, For the cyno is not yet lit. Pay attention, capsuleer, for those who have gone before you call for you to join them. The cyno is now lit.

Credit [Dranchela] for poem.

Killfest passed at home unexpectedly surrounded by his family in a place of love, he will be missed dearly by his friends in game. As we all know sometimes we never get too meet the people we fly with for many years but the bond we form is real, we know more about our in game friends than we do our real life friends in a lot of cases.

Some of his last words were ill never leave Thera, we are hoping CCP will enable us to erect a monument even very small to honour his life and dedication towards the game, you can assist us by sharing this post and leaving a comment if you ever meet him in the brilliant sandbox that is EVE.

RIP Killfest you are so much more than a name, you were a leader and friend o/\o


Rip Killfest, you brought me back to this game so many times, Eve will not be the same without you m8.


killfest m8, thanks for all the fun.


This news hit me pretty hard - have so many good memories with KF and all the ole HAX boys - stayed in contact for almost 8 years with all of you. There was nothing KF wouldn’t do for anyone if he was able, tho you would get some verbal abuse for it ofc. Still shocked, he was playing eve with people he loved just last night - praying hard for everyone here - this news just flat out effing sucks! Really hope a monument or something can be done to remember this great person, and genuinely good fun-loving man I was pleased to call my friend for the better part of the last decade.

Rest well my friend


RIP Killfest, thanks for getting us bunch of gits together and creating such a great team.
Aligning sun…


:heart: you KF - Looking forward to gating a Dred in your memory x


I will miss you dearly old friend. for nearly a decade it was a pleasure to fly with you. You trully will be missed in this game on which i feel you trully put your stamp on and made your own.

The cyno is lit.




I’m still in shock. I was only talking to him last night about the up coming ESS changes and how we both hoped it would bring the brawling meta back and what ship comps we were both looking forward to flying again.
His roaming prowess was second to none, how he scouted and fc’d at the same time were just off the scale.
I am glad to have flown with you brother, gone too soon.
RIP friend.


A ■■■■■■■ tragedy. For his family, friends and Eve. RIP dude.


Thanks for all the good memories KF. It was a fun time in HAX when you and Tay were getting stuff done. I’m truely shocked to see this. I wish I couldve went into battle with you once more.

You’ll be forever in my memory.

Rest well brother. o7


Still in shock with this and he will be missed a lot, he brought a lot of us back to game, even the ones that said they would never come back! going to miss you mate <3


Absolutely gutted about this… Didn’t know you long brother, but knew you were brother in the making from roam one…

o7 Warp to sun!


RIP killfest :’(


I didn’t know Kill long but returning to the game after 6 years away, flying with him and the rest of the D-Sync guys is the only reason I stuck around again. He was always the first to say hello and ask how I was on TS, such horrible news, my thoughts are with his family and friends during this difficult time, fly safe matey.


I met Killfest in April 2005, he was at that time barely a month into the game and flying around Domain low-sec with his friends Xanaria and ShadeK98. They warped to a POS I was setting up (them having only just been introduced in the Exodus expansion) and were awestruck by the citadel torpedo batteries :slight_smile: he did love big guns, he joined our corp on and off for a little while and we taught him what we could, after a time he went off to find more exiting places to play his lust for PvP preasent even in those early days. I had only recently reached out to him after seeing he was still playing and he was very welcoming considering we had not spoken in over a decade.
I regret that we will not have the opportunity to become once more acquainted, and my heartfelt condolences go out to his family friends and those that knew him.

It was Cicero that said “The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living.” and I implore you all to take a moment to recount your memories and rejoice for having known the man.


RIP KF. You’ll be sadly missed. You’ve made a good impact on many of us that play EVE and you will be remembered!


What a great guy, I am absolutely devastated. He was the reason I came back to the game and stayed. As said he was the first to welcome you on ts, he always had a funny comment and accepted me for my lack of conversation.
I have never known anyone better at the game in all the years I played. It was like I was allowed to come along and be a part of every bit of content he could get his hands on. How he managed to scout and catch so much and fc and keep an eye on us lot at the same time ill never know. If he could have steered our ships too he would have.
The famous drunken Friday night roams I will never forget, the bits I can remember anyway.
This game and the many many many hours we spent on it will never be the same. RIP my friend, and I feel privileged to be able to call you that :broken_heart:


Man dunno what to say… had such a laugh with ya and you will be missed :frowning:


Very sad to hear the passing of Kf ,flew with him back in Hax best Fc I knew.

Cyno lit