A Moment of Disrespect - Hell Dawn Attacks Funeral Procession

Recently Binette Evingod - one of the leaders of The Kairos Initiative and Deep Space Alliance - passed away unexpectedly. Yesterday, our coalition took a funeral procession to Molea to anchor a can and say our last goodbyes.

On our way, we encountered a Hell Dawn gatecamp in Kor Azor. We asked them for a bit of respect: To wait 15 minutes to engage anyone through killrights or war while we conducted our funeral. We proceeded to the Molea gate, and Hell Dawn followed. On the other side, they activated a kill right on the person carrying the can, Jo Andries. Despite repeatedly telling them what we were doing and asking them to show respect for a fallen friend, they killed the ship, looted the can, and said “That’s Eve.”

While I agree that this is indeed Eve, this was one of those moments where our game goes past being a game - and this response not just from other players, but from other humans, is disgusting. We were saying goodbye to a friend - a real friend - that we knew. We were honoring his life and everything he brought to us, and we were doing so in a way that the Eve community knows, understands, and has generally respected in the past.

I’ll leave the rest of this up to the Eve community, but I feel this is worth bringing up publicly. Perhaps the time of respecting those holding a funeral in Molea has passed, but I think for many of us it still holds meaning - and those who deny this Eve tradition to others do not deserve our respect. Hell Dawn does not deserve our respect, or our business.

Martin Lockheart
Hardly Competent + The Kairos Initiative


My friend, if you ever have a funeral, I will dunk on it.




This whole “Molea is sacred” thing is stupid. C’mon guys. Eve doesn’t have any sacred, off-limits places. If it did, people would figure out how to exploit it.

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I am not surprised.
And it only took 11 ships to destroy it… :nauseated_face:

Welcome to eve

Check the blog, bots don’t get funerals:



So whats the problem?

Youre in agreeance.

Hell Dawn was in agreeance.

Im in agreeance.

We all agree.

This is EVE.

You couldnt find a guy with no kill right to carry the can for you?

I mean, seriously. You can check, you know.

You were being incompetant and foolish. If you were organized and smart, you would have been able to fend off their attack. Instead, you did something that goes against EVE.

Why not just hold a PVP nullsec roam in his honour instead? That is much more in the spirit of EVE, and im sure he would have appreciated it more, than you coming here whining about being killed.

^ nothing more to say.
eve is not ■■■■■■■ RP server.

Well … actually it is …
… but this isn’t about RP at all.

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well…no?at most it is role text. if at all. but you are right. this is not about rp/rt. stop bringing RL ■■■■ into game.

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A very sensible post overall, Solstice. I endorse much of what you have to say here. One minor quibble…

I disagree with this bit. Moralizing isn’t an exclusively or distinctly American pastime. All sorts of humans do it for all sorts of reasons. Same goes with irrationality. I think it is unfair to our American friends to pin it on their culture, which is hardly monolithic.

Nerds taking video games way too seriously is a big part of what makes EVE the game it is.

Anyways, the people crying about non-consensual PVP (gasp!) occurring a game about non-consensual PVP should probably take some deep breaths or do some yoga or something.

I’ll also note, as others have, that the ‘hearse’ did not have a valid mining permit.

P.S. - Bots don’t get funerals. :fire:


Sucks. But you’re right: This is EVE.

Maybe using an out of corp alt to carry the container would have been a better option.

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I’m unsure if in just hitting on a similar brainwave because I also lost something dear to me recently or if EVE is legit just full of people who cannot feel human emotions.

That was involving a loss from someone RL, their friends are just respecting that ingame. ■■■■ man, that’s beyond cold. Sounds like others just spouting the typical “oh that’s EVE” as a mask for their inability to even partially empathize with other people. Taking the “bloodthirsty pirate” role a little too seriously… Like some ■■■■■■ up version of the Stanford Prison Experiment.

Not a good look for anything and that’s all I’ll say about that.


. <------- here’s a tear

Go buy an icecream and cheer up ffs


I fully understand the sentiment of the occasion. And as we all know, Molea II-1, has become a special place in New Eden where there is indeed a connection with real life. The design and deployment of the Molea monument (soon) is official testament to that, regardless of what anyone believes. A level of respect in Molea should be maintained towards the fallen and their current, makeshift monument.

Does that respect then extend to the living, the pall bearers, the mourning ? Does that entitle players to have funeral processions going through other systems and expect to be shown “understanding” ? How far do we want to stretch the flimsy link with real life ?

I agree the moment and location to attack were chosen poorly, perhaps after provocation. Maybe Hell Dawn could have waited those 15 minutes. But what if the people with killrights on them logged out when the funeral was done and they would lose their targets ? Expecting other players to stop what they’re doing in a virtual world for “reasons” is where the flimsy link with real life inevitably breaks. So, maybe you deem them not worthy of your respect, but your understanding should at least remain.

Anyone of us who has lost people close to us in real life know that awful feeling of loss, and see the world around them continue to spin, without losing a single iota of momentum as if nothing has happened, while our world has come to a grinding halt. I’ve also come to understand and appreciate that a world moving on as if nothing has happened can become a comfort and helps with coping with loss, as it points to the future. I wish you find comfort in that same that sentiment.

Sorry for your loss,


Cheer up, buttercup. It’s a game. If you’re feeling a lot of strong emotions over a video game, it’s time for a break.

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do not bring RL sh.t into the game. we all have our pain, cry, demons and other stuff. the game is purposed to be a place where we can escape that RL ■■■■. read what solstice says.

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I would agree with that statement.

Except when the fallen is someone from OUR community of players. Thousands of players of all stripes and colours put aside their IG differences to accept the common conception that we are all PEOPLE with a common bond (see current activity in another thread) and have shared feelings with our fellow player when they are gone or suffering.

Whether YOU choose to participate in that community as a part of it, or wish to sit on the OUTSIDE sniping is your personal choice. But the community at large will define YOUR character by your actions in this regard.

I don’t begrudge HellDawn for destroying that ship. It’s what they do, and they do it very well. They could have given back the ‘casket’ though. That’s pretty low, imho.

@Martin_Lockheart I am sorry for your loss.