Ganking funerals - crossing a line, or true to the spirit of EVE?

I checked the EVE Reddit today and saw a thread about an in-game memorial event for a departed player which had been ganked. The majority of posters were against the ganking, generally expressing the view - often quite vehemently - that it was wrong and should not have been considered an opportunity for pvp. Some were likening the ganking to disrupting a real life event in person.

I find this interesting, because it involves the blurring of the line between video games and real life. Some clearly feel that an in-game funeral is an acceptable manifestation of real life within New Eden, one which ought to be treated with the same reverence as a real life event. Others - a minority according to Reddit - feel that a video game is just that, and that such an event in-game should not expect special treatment, as EVE is a pvp game, and you should expect pvp anywhere at any time.

This is not about the individuals involved, so let’s leave them out of it. I’m interested in the community reaction to something like this generally. Does it cross a line for you? Should such in-game events be respected and left alone? Or do you think anything goes within the terms of service? Should you expect to be blown up no matter what, even if you’re gathering to remember a person who died IRL? Let me know your thoughts.


If it was a funeral for an in-game ganker, there must be some subtle irony at play…

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It’s a game, I wouldn’t overthink it.

My own belief is that only the worst kind of a-hole would show up to gank a memorial event intended for people to show their respect and concern for the passing of a colleague and the grief of their loved ones.

But then, I learned a long time ago that there’s no shortage of a-holes in the world, and it’s not my place to impose my beliefs on everyone else.

At least, not yet.


It does not cross a line. It is unreasonable to expect everyone else to stop playing the game, simply because you say so.

If we did that everytime someone died, we’d never undock again.


There is no line because EvE is a PvP game and the line is in the real world.


Yes. Have the funeral in the station.

Game. PvP. Death. Do I Again.

In my city there’s people spraying graffiti on graves. I haven’t heard about cremations going up related to such things.
If someone gets weird over pixels, I worry about them when facing actual problems. Then again; I don’t use “social” media for the exact same reason.

Have the funeral in a blue null system and none of the internet tough guys posting here will harass you. They never go below 0.4 let alone 0.0. Hell, most of them never even log in to the game.

Easy peasy.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


I can’t think of a better and more Eve-like send off for a player than for their funeral cortege to be ganked. It is extremely fitting and appropriate. If I ever have such a cortege, I’d be most offended if some ganker crew didn’t turn up.


Most event facilitators would already know of the potential interruptions that could take place in New Eden.

One of the four faction starter 1.0 systems would be the best location.

The line was crossed many years ago when radical Goons decided to demolish the player-created and maintained graveyard for dead Capsuleers in the Molea system.

This has caused much controversy and heated debate. It took several years after the event, however, for CCP to somehow address the subject of such a form of farewell to deceased players and a permanent, indestructible monument was established in the Molea system.

With this CCP, while not announcing an official position on the disputed issue, nevertheless gave the signal that virtual graves should not be destroyed.

The funeral caravan, a commonly accepted custom in New Eden, has now become a gank target. To me, such an action says a lot about people sitting in front of monitors and their addiction to doing virtual harm to others. A moment of dubious fame at the cost of maintaining a minimum of human decency.

One can only hope that this… “stunt” does not gain approval, just as the destruction of the Molea cemetery did not, so that it does not become another common practice for gankers.

One thing is certain - in this case, the devs have no way of making subtle moves to stop gankers from attacking funeral processions, as they did with the monument at Molea. It will be in the hands of the players to regulate this issue.


:joy::rofl:did these people not know what game they were playing? this should’ve been EXPECTED.

Hey griefer scumbag, some of us like to relax and pass away in peace when we lay down on our deathbeds after a hard lifetime of work. You act like you’re tough, but I bet you wouldn’t say this ■■■■ directly to my open casket, you ■■■■■. Come on, tough guy, where do you live? Let’s see how tough you are when I’m haunting you IRL. I bet you won’t think you’re so clever when I’m eating your brains, ■■■■■■.

CCP needs to WAKE the ■■■■ up and do something about these mommy’s basement psychos ruining eternal rest for everyone else. Every time they crash a cyno vigil or gank a funeral caravan, that’s another lost subscription from a player who isn’t coming back. I’m done with their BS. I can tell you right now that after my body expires, CCP isn’t getting another cent out of me or my estate.


If you read the thread general consensus is carlos (think the name) is a marked man now lol.

Biomass, find a new “main” or quite eve legit options. Or find some sucker to buy that char. Most with half a brain and in the pvp circles would probably pay below rates they’d pay for cyno alt lol. Carebears tend to not buy assumed neg sec status chars lol.

Was what they did a crap move. Yes. Can ccp regulate…no. No game can. In wow even on pvp servers we have a saying. Pvp happened. As it tend to on a pvp server. Its not always pretty, fair, or respectful. This would include even RP pvp grobbulus server.

I have higher standards in this realm, as do many. Then you get this trash sadly.

Hey, I object. If dead people can vote…then watching Netflix while mining ought to be a doddle for them.

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Honestly, I could care less beyond posting this sentence and my short explanation.

No TOS breaches here. A funeral in EVE is the same as any other player event in CCP’s eyes. EVE is a dark and cruel world where really sick and twisted people gank these kinds of events for no gain ISK wise :joy:.

It’s the internet. Welcome to the internet OP. You should see people who are toxic in Dota 2. :rofl: Literally wishing death on the player and their families after a lost game. People on the internet can really be horrible.

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I think the line was crossed the moment someone decided to hold a RL funeral inside a fictional video-game setting. It’s downright bizarre and weird. I get that you want to pay your respects, but the respect is completely wiped out the second the departed’s life was reduced to a video game vigil. Seriously. Hold a zoom meeting or something.

But the moment one plops the RL death into a fiction setting, it becomes fictional to everyone else. So you had better expect ganks and other shenanigans.


If you want to hold a vigil for someone, have at it, but it does cross a line when you expect everyone else to drop what they are doing and do as you say.

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Especially when it’s in a fictional setting and game universe.

It’s mostly virtue signalling.


As can be seen by most of the replies in this thread, there is no “should” potential here. There’s only the reality you’d expect from the sort of crowd EVE has spent decades advertising to. It’s kind of like saying “in EVE if a freighter was clearly labeled as being part of a Charity Relief fundraising event, ‘should’ it be left alone?”.

If someone wants to do a memorial or basically any activity in EVE without being molested, you do the same things you’d do if you were protecting your freighter:

  • You don’t publicly advertise where you’re going
  • You watch local, you scout around
  • You pick an area well off the beaten track

And you get prepared for the folks who need the anonymity of a video game to act out their worst behavior in order to feel big about themselves.

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