Reminder that suicide ganking is lore friendly

I’ve seen it often bandied about as a “reasonable”/“lore based” reason that suicide ganking makes no sense because no one would ACTUALLY kill themselves if they didn’t know they could respawn, or something along those lines.

As a reminder: every single capsuleer DOES know they’ll “respawn”. Lorewise, we are taught throughout capsuleer training of the ability for the Jovian space magic to capture our neural imprint and transfer it if we should die. By the lore, no capsuleer should fear death.

It stands to reason, then, that the more ambitious Capsuleers will embrace their immortality and throw themselves at an enemy, knowing they’ll die but also knowing that their scavenging partner(s) will loot the wreckage and (hopefully) share in the loot with them, and furthermore that the dying is a mere inconvenience.

Tl;Dr - stop saying “but suicide ganking makes no sense from a story perspective”, it actually makes perfect sense. Sick of that red herring.


You mean well, but the people who whine about suicide ganking don’t care. They just come up with whatever argument they can think of. It’s important to understand that, for them, it’s never about the arguments, reasons or ganking itself. No.

They hate the players.


Up until about 3 weeks ago I was on a 5 year hiatus from eve. Before then, I was a carebear supreme for about 3-4 years of playing.

Even then, even after I got to the point where I was targeted by these pirates, I recognized it was a core part of the gameplay.

It is no secret that eve is a game with a functional tenet that “game space is not safe”. Just because it offers pve activities doesn’t mean that one should be able to play the game pve exclusively. That isn’t what this game is about. That isn’t what this game has been about for its entire existence.

If people who exclusively want to pve want such a game so bad, they are welcome to construct such a game. Game development is easier than ever. But CCP should not have to completely upend nearly two decades of paradigm to please people who have a fundamental misunderstanding of what the game is about.

You can do the side activities/minigames like bowling or darts in GTA IV. But in the end, the game was about wrecking a criminal empire, and doing untoward things to do so. Begging for removal of highsec PvP is like suggesting there’s a market for GTA IV with everything but the minigames removed.


I have no idea why you felt the need to tell us the obvious, but thank you anyway. :blush:

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you only lose your ship…
not pod.

Ganking for profit makes sense, even if not within the confines of the law.

Ganking because you can would be psychotic, most people wouldnt go near you and any authority would likely either lock you up or chase you out (if they couldnt simply kill you dead)

One could argue that CODE are some sort of nutjob cultists tis true and im fine with that even though i dont understand it but even the lowliest of criminals do not like people who kill children.

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Have you read the lore? Many capsuleers are what normal people call psychotic, or at the very least completely sociopathic.

Look up the CCP lore blurb on what PI is like for the residents of those planets, then come back and let me know again how stable Capsuleers are.

Also, do children knowingly get rich selling materials used in endless war, as industrialists do?


Now you sound like you’re taking this a tad too seriously.

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Who me?

Ignore the meta “b-but the business!” debates, I merely detest people using this false flag of the lore as defense.

As someone with a decent appreciation for the lore of eve, even if it is something most people completely ignore, it just grinds my gears when people talk about how murdering carebears is like murdering children, and clearly Capsuleers are evil people.

I mean, no. Gankers, pirates, CODE, whoever, are killing other Capsuleers. Every capsuleer receives at least some extent of military/combat training within their indoc process (hence why we start with weapons skills).

If anything, the miners/traders are the psychotic ones, throwing away the entirety of their training and becoming terrified of loss, be it their ship or their pods or their profits. Capsuleers don’t fear loss, or at least don’t graduate egg school with such fear.


your saying soe are sociopathic?
are you sure your that well read?

I believe you’re misreading his comment and replying with a “whataboutism”, a common tactic designed to derail the discussion. Here it’s being used as “you are claiming mining capsuleers are psychotic, but what about the SOE?” which is not the main point of the argument.

He is not saying anything about the SOE. He is merely stating that, according to lore, it’s likely that Capsuleers who reject the inherent nature of combat within them (apparent from the innate Combat skills) are probably the psychotic ones. Because, despite their ‘immortality’, they have become fearful of loss.

Please do try to keep the conversation on topic and not derail with whataboutisms.

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I believe you actually think you’re clever.

Which is amusing.

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*snickers* :blush:


it didnt happen, lies slander!!

calling my solicitor naow!


Solicitor. He’s a Sol!

I win! :blush:

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The sisters of eve? The one whose ships are armed?

Granted they’re not dedicated warships, but considering they pretty explicitly are designed to be able to defend themselves, even as a sort of last-ditch thing (minmax capsuleer blingfits aside of course) they almost damage your narrative even more.

If a humanitarian organization feels the need to arm themselves, even as a “just in case”…

My narrative?

Lol poor child

Why dont you post with your main instead of an unknown alt with no combat history?

Suicide ganking is not part of the lore, nor did you provide that with an arguement.
You said “death is normal, so sucide ganking is ok!”

its kinda like saying in real life “we’re all going to die, so we should kill ourselves and take who ever we can with us”.

Great Logic there.

By the way, Again, suicide ganking is not good for the game, and the majority of people do not want it. stop with your propaganda and lies.

Do you have support for this claim?


My identity is more or less irrelevant, although you’ll see from my post history that I used this alt (which a savvy player would also realize was from pre-character creation update since there’s no portrait) to ask about corporations to get back into the carebear lifestyle something like three weeks ago when I made my return to eve.

So either I planted that thread and those posts so that I could use them as “evidence”… Or we just apply Occam’s razor, I am in fact a returning player, I do in fact have experience carebearing, and even if I were and remained a carebear I don’t see the problem with so called “nonconsensual PvP”.

What’s even more pathetic is you thinking my eve history has anything to do with this discussion, and you cling to that as if harping on such irrelevancies as whether I’m some dirty CODE alt means I have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo. No dude, I just recognize and accept the kind of game eve is, something you and your ilk (having thrown myself into reading the countless retreads of the decades-old "highsec PvP debate) seem incapable of doing.

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