Griefing ruins the game

15v1 isn’t fun.

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Yes, they comment on every post I make. No, they don’t play the game. Yes, those are their real zkills.

Let me guess, someone rolled into your hole and killed a dread again


No, a praxis I was using to roll. they called out 2x sabres and mobilized an entire fleet for it. A 220mil praxis.

Its insane. How bored do you have to be to send out a ping and login for an alpha praxis? I’m so tired of it.

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That’s just kind of wormholes though isn’t it? You have to take whatever content you can find sometimes. I’m not saying it wouldn’t be obnoxious to be on the receiving end of it, but by this point you have to expect it sometimes


I’ve accepted it as a cost of doing business, but by god, its frustrating.

They hold you there for 3-4mins ewar only so everyone can get on the KM. They trash talk you while you do it calling you a noob. They think its a major achievement.

Its a literal alpha rolling praxis without any guns and they are holding EWAR to whore on it.

At a certain point its just like come on…

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The ewar I get. Never not whore. The trash talking is in poor taste though


Could you explain that to me a bit (please)? I’ve been on NPSI fleets where they hold ewar and I don’t understand it. For a marauder or a dread? Sure… but an alpha battleship?

Why would anyone hold ewar on that?

This. Some people really just dont get that talking as if an ez kill is a huge achievement makes it look like you can’t get good kills. It just irritates people

A - They probably didn’t know that unless they tactical scanned you.

B - Why are you flying such a target into a WH?!


A - You can visually look at a ship and see if it has guns (and what type) equipped or not

B - Because its the cheapest way to roll [I live in a wormhole]

Would spending 2-3b on skill injectors and throwing guns on a praxis have saved me against 10 people or just increased my isk loss?

Sounds like you got what you got.

Not saying it doesn’t suck.

But you take your chances… :roll_eyes:

The 15v2, 10v1 fights… they get tiresome.

No, you aren’t good because you jumped on an unarmed ship with 15 people. No, no one cares about your killboard. You aren’t going to get laid because you have an awesome ZKill. You won’t get a job because of your ZKill. [not you, the griefers]

I don’t understand the obsession with killing things that pose no threat or challenge and provide no loot, nor the killboard whoring.

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@Lord_Xiskogen @Not_Muppet @McBobtronic @Takma_Apieros

I am disgusted by your griefing behavior. Apologize for not fighting fair, killing a defenseless battleship, and your totally unjustified and unprovoked trash talk.




@Gix_Firebrand you gotta see this!!!


because they can… and its not griefing.

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Griefing is a fun term I learned from Minecraft. In that game, one would grief another player by destroying blocks they placed, placing blocks in another player’s territory, or generally obstructing another player’s progress.

I find it curious that this term appears in EvE. Griefing, in Minecraft, was always an intended feature, but was set directly against the implicit goal of the game: creation. Therefore, a griefer, set on destruction, would be directly opposed to the implicit goals of the game, which would be creation.

In EvE, however, no such implicit goal of creation exists. If anything, the implicit goal of creating something in EvE is explicitly to destroy it.

To me, this OP is not an example of griefing. This sounds like business as usual and if I were a betting man, I’d say OP asked for the trash talk by starting some of his own. Whether or not OP intended to trash talk is irrelevant-- establishing comms with the enemy who is pwning you without recourse seems… pathetic.

There’s my two cents. Adjust your expectations or go play No Man’s Sky (which I have been thoroughly enjoying).


Devs specifically use that term for those who target new players or attack new players in rookie systems… Thats why any system on the list of rookie/starter systems has rules for no griefing new players. the term is broad in what is meant by griefing…

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I could accept this.

Most of EvE seems to revolve around inducing grief in one form or another. CCP should only protect those who are so ignorant of this that they would become a nuisance to the GM department.

Any subsequent grief after knowing full-well that this game is based on grief can be attributed to user error.

Hey you back! Its fun for the 15 I tell you :smiley:

So in other words, they played together in an MMO? Shocking :smiley: Game working as intended.

Mmhmm. You roll solo, you accept the risks. Vidya game trash talk hurts you? ROFL. You’ve spent too long in your hole alone.

Why not?

Or yennoe, you could work together with others. But uh based on your personality, its no wonder you are in your hole alone :smiley:

Indeed. His threads always deliver haha.