Forget this post ever existed

Censored at 100%.

Man, what a weakling you are. You dump your crap here on our doorstep and then run away to not need to deal with the consequences. I didn’t know players from 2004 were such cowards.


I don’t even know who you are, lmao.

See ya, you won’t be missed!

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Can I have your stuff?

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dude make a fuking movie or use bullet points old guys cant read a wall of txt come on man

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So it overwhelmes you to read a really short text of maybe two sides like this?


You should better ask if it’s not YOU having the problem…

I mean what about a book(e-book or real book)?

Does it take you months to complete one because you can only read one side a day or you are ovwewhelmed otherwise?

Boy oh boy those kids these days are strange…:slight_smile:

Man what nonsense.

First of all your name rings no bell whatsoever, you’re not on eve-search and on Zkill all I see for this character is a few tidbits and mostly losses, and one clown-fit Cerberus loss showcasing zero understanding of the game. On top of that the character is 07.

Your “waah the skill system is killing the game, it could have had millions of players” sounds very convenient for someone who hasn’t played in years and is “behind” on others, doesn’t it.

Whining about the missile nerf (introduction of explosion velocity and radius, to make it more balanced because at the time it was ■■■■■■■■) shows you don’t care about balance or how well the game does, you’re just a clown.

A clown who posted a whole bunch of meaningless drivel, made demands and then ran like hell.



I skimmed.
Then I stopped.

Enjoy your break.

—Gadget WILL see you later

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I don’t get the reference!
Please explain!

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why would you even bother making a thread if you are going to withdraw it in such a lame way. perhaps you should read what you’re going to post before you hit submit, or perhaps have a freind read it before hand.

just editing the origninal post, meh.

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Now that’s funny. Pretending to be an old school EVE player “who has done it all” and was “super important”, yet all you do is throw a tantrum and react in childish ways.


This OP:

I read your OP, OP, before you so “2004, that’s right, 2004”-player deleted it and ran away. :laughing:


Post edited.

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