So long and thanks for all the tears

This game no longer even remotely resembles what it was and has been ruined both by the remaining folks at CCP and their Asian overlords.

You can have my stuff as I will be autopiloting my entire hangar in a freighter through Uedama this weekend!

Also thanks for 2004-2012 when it was an engaging pasttime.


By the players? Absolutely agree :smiley:

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Ahh recognize you from mining chat constantly hurling racist insults at players. Wish i could ignore you here too.


Wut. Hole up. I’m the one going after the racists in mining chat bruv.

There is a reason why they all don’t like me :smiley:

I see what you did there tho :smiley:

Tenla and the rest of the ilk def do not like me. And KO is just well, weird.

If I can’t have your stuff can I have your isk ?

Oh and good luck in whatever you choose to do post EVE

seems you can’t handle the direction of the game so you are leaving. Otherwise I’d tell you how to ignore someone on the forums, but no reason to since you are leaving…

I just remembered there is someone using a Firebrand Gix alt to malign my name in mining chat. Its probably that dude. Sadly I haven’t met him yet.

But it does make me feel internet famous to have a hater so impassioned he wastes time making an alt :smiley:

A charon will be autopiloting through uedama with all my stuff. Enjoy.

Hey man, that will destroy a lot of it. Just create a contract to Andre Matar with your stuff, I’ll give some of it to Aiko and her alts.

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Can’t gank your wallet though can I

Pretty sure it’s against the rules to impersonate other players.


Ah well I’m not sure how active he still is. I haven’t actually spoken in mining chat in a bit. It gets pretty wild in there, even for me.

You are rewarding one type of player and playstyle in this way. Contract that freighter and contents to Mike Azariah and he would use it as gifts to new players of ALL interests, in his random trips through new player starter systems: the magic school bus.


K0 K0 told us of what you were doing…

ROFL and what was that pray tell? Unless you are KO?

What’s even more funny is I have never actually ever met KO KO on grid. I’ve even been accused of ganking him before.

I’m guessing its his alts randomly who come here on the forums sometimes and post random drivel about me.

All I remember about the dude is he claimed he could solo an entire WH , including combat sites, in a venture so

He IS the wh gas king…

Good idea


I mean yea you can ninja huff, I’ve done it myself.

But no venture is taking out combat sites or even the rats from the gas site solo LOL.

Personally I have no friggin idea what this dr who thing has to do with Eve. We have a rich universe with great content and lots of room for IN GAME content based on its history and lore.

What’s next, a Spider-Man or Anime event? Has CCP gone nutz. It’s trying to be like the marvel comics where they bring in stuff from every other comic? Trying to tap into Marvel comics!?

Seriously whoever came up with this Dr who crap should be fired. Need a new creative content director.

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It’s not all bad there is a planned Quantum Leap crossover event in March too.