So long and thanks for all the tears

Hey do not just throw everything away. When you give me some assets i will keep them, work with them and give them back to you when you come back.

These threads always make me sad when people just say “■■■■ it”. These are assets they worked/played/invested a lot of hours, read wikis or chatted to get them.

I have more ISK to know what to do with it.

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Always a sad state of affairs to see a long time player say they’re quitting.

Don’t throw away all the hard work and time that was invested, definitely don’t liquidate assets or biomass character, just set a long skill training queue and take a break from the game, then come back rested and continue where you left off or try out a new career path…

Don’t leave Yet!
Your going to miss the F.R.I.E.N.D.S crossover next month.
Your going to miss out on the “Smelly Cat” Ears!
Smelly Cat…Smelly Cat
What are PA feeding you?

Take a long break and then see, I took a one year break and am now back having some fun with some friends.

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Imagine being so entitled and enraged over a vidya game that you call for someone’s livelihood to be ruined simply because a spaceship vidya game made you mad with a simple crossover event.

Oof. It’s like watching a toddler throw a tantrum in the mall.

This also tells me you have no understanding of Marvel comics either ROFL.

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You know it’s only a stand alone event. If your not interested in it then keep doing what ever it is you do and I’m guessing you won’t even know it’s their. Quitting over this is like quitting because you don’t like mining, nobody’s forcing you to do it.

Oh and games evolve and change over time they have to, to remain healthy. If they stay the same they stagnate and will eventually die.

CCP as far as I understand it will make us probe for this content so it’s not even going to be in our faces, unlike the Christmas event with storms moving about with their environmental effects and sites open for us to just warp too.

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Great way to leave, I dare to say, the proper way!

You can ignore people in forums, thanks for the idea I just realised.

Gix_firebrand is a boring alt, he thinks he’s some forum advocate.

Good luck, I agree with you, but I’m staying for the lulz, ofc I don’t put any effort anymore so my care level is low.

The only hope for EVE is trusting PA (I’m stoopid) letting some devs work on EVE core and finishing microservices migration and future overhauling the engine, WHICH I do not believe for real.

Salute! o7

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You never know when you might get an itch to play again. I’ve been coming back off and on since beta and can confirm its alot easier when you have some bank.

So wheres the killmail? :slight_smile:

Was that all your wealth? :thinking:

Gave the 75bil in liquid isk to joe noob in npc corp chosen by rng

Well, at least everything went to PvPers and scammers, instead of some random carebear who’d just hoard it and never use it for anything interesting.

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Not sure what them being Asian has to do with it. As far as I knew any race can make a bad business decision.

Lol you’re going to autopilot all your stuff? God, some of you eve players really make me laugh, Give it to me instead as I am a content creator and will ensure many people benefit :slight_smile:

Wow, just seen your loss mail. You’d never catch me burning all my blueprints in such a manner no matter what happens.

I agree, but to each his own.

However, I don’t think the OP is going to have the impact that he wants.

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  1. I’m a main bruv :smiley:
  2. Yes, yes I am :smiley:

So CCP wins. Thankee :smiley:

Been playing online since Team Fortress in 1998…and If I had a penny for every time some online game I’ve played has been ‘ruined’ by some change…I’d be a millionaire.

No dude, it’s you that don’t understand … This man, this man is FREE!

Edit cuz I cannot resist. “I’m not a number! I’m a free man!”

Mmm, I smell cap as the youngins say nowadays.

I got my first taste for griefing when I was still a little kid, by wasting teenagers’ quarters playing versus mode in Marvel vs. Capcom in seedy arcades. I was simply too young for them to physically hit, although a couple of total psychos did it anyway (the same people who later became high-sec miners in EVE, most likely).