Ok, done

I am done giving content/personal time/money to people can’t seem to do anything else than overkill in any engagement, and since that is most of what people do these days, i am done looking for people/engagements with even a minimum of exchange.

Ftr they needed : 1 frig, 1 assault frig, a buffered phantasm, AND a ■■■■■■■ BHALLGORN to take down a single rupture …

Id start a general pvp boycott to starve these retards of content, but i have better to do.

Bye. Unsubbing all acounts, and no you cant have my stuff.

For the curious, but lazy:

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Post KMs is against the forum rules, fyi.

Weren’t you leaving? Anyway, it’s hardly secret or important. Took me a few minutes to find with the information you gave, so that’s a hard /shrug from me, champ.

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Game’s unisntalled/unsubbed, I could go further with it, but I wont, as Ive already been there, and i realize for the exact same reasons.

From the dude that kills a tormentor with a svipul, a caracal and a thrasher…

Sorry to see anyone leave EVE,since we need more players not less, but isn’t this incident just another day in LS?

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Lmao. Dude is salty he lost a rupture solo in Kamela. I rarely go to Kamela and know exactly what I’ll find there. It’s hilarious he told us about uninstalling, unsubbing, and made a forum thread about it.

Later dude! Don’t come back o7


If you have some more ruptures Fitted that way, transfer them directly to my char. Pls.

It was a wt gate control svipul when the enemy was hard plexing our hq system, sorry but that is entirely fair play, it has zero tank, no prop, a glass canon basically, and can easily be countered/killed on the other side or by fitting stabs when travelling.

As for the other guys joining in on the kill, that was beyond my control.

That rupture gank was entirely group/coordinated.

Dual rep rupture is a good solo ship, i was actually on my way to 1v1 with a vexor in the plex, but that was not really possible obviously …

Tbf, i would’ve been fine trying to fight the Phantasm, retri, and slasher. Phatasm was at my optimal, and I was repping fine with the blue mods, and cargo full of boosters + Nos, but when the Bhallgron showed up, well … that really popped the cherry… and really, ■■■■ them and all those who choose to play like this.


You havent the slightest idea what I was referring to, you coulda guessed right, but you didn’t …


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yes, laugh away you shitsticks

so OP
i understand that you are one of those whiners who complain because they were killed in a pvp game, where pvp is open, not instanced, asymetric, with a paper-scissor-stone setting, and find it “unfair”.

if you want “fair” fights with equal number and mirror classes, try swtor or what you want. Not eve.

maybe you should have read a bit about eve before starting to play eve?

so you start playing soccer and then you complain that you cannot play with your hands?

good riddance

" Buoytender Bob
Sorry to see anyone leave EVE,since we need more players not less, "

i disagree

we don’t need new players at all costs, we need new players who embrace the challenge.
players like OP, whining and complaining, we don’t need them. There are other games for them

Like i said previously, some people choose to play overkill in a game that allows them to.
I see nothing wrong with that.

I do have something wrong however with gambling away my time/money for the benefit of people who choose to play like that though.

Had I the time to grind/fund pvp with ingame mechanics, and not have to gamble my RL income away to some schmucks with real life cash, I would’ve shrugged it off.

Hence, the unsub, just for my own good in the end, and to deny even just that tiny 0.001% of content for the fuckheads who choose to play like ones.

This game is a no brainer if you just put in the time everyday, and it becomes a problem if you cant afford to put it or choose to convert your RL time into it, then the gambling element is felt even more, as per the nature of the game.

This guy seems awfully invested in his “I quit” thread.


Look at the man’s kb; they have been very active in LS. Over 1400 ships destroyed. Long term and active player. Someone who made and became content in EVE. This wasn’t some HS afk multiboxing miner.

Why he decided to post his loss and complaint in the forums is a mystery to me. It wasn’t a crippling loss, gank, or anything outside the norm for LS; hence my comment that it appeared not to be out of the ordinary for that region. However, people going all juvenile on him for voicing a complaint ; spewing the same old garbage you wou,d see in a junior high locker room, Isn’t warrented. Questioning why this particular loss was so frustrating or meaningful to him is fair; jeering and deriding him is not.
Why anyone would applaude losing and desparaging a paying customer who offered long term activity and content tells far more about the value of the remaining poster than the one who is leaving.


So why are you still posting here ?