Combat site escalation DED 1/10 4/10

I opened a ticker with resentment,
with game support. he recommends me. post here.

I don’t know if I’m a player. veteran. I’m only 7 years old playing
I flew. Ships of all classes

I want to make a complaint.
after 2024-01-09.1
it became impossible. play sustainably.
the payments. they are ridiculous.
I can’t even pay my monthly fee.

I extract. and sell everything I had to continue being an omega
Basically, I became a weakling again.

I would like to improve. in quality of life. of those who carry out this activity. the risks are very great. The salary is not fair. with the time I spent to earn a good amount of isk. compared to other things in the game.

I wait for feedback. of the community and those responsible, thx.

How that wall of text related to the title? Anyway I think you dont need omega to fly thrasher in t2 fit xd.

think before you speak. friend. I don’t like being mediocre. alpha clone are limited. I tried to fight a thrasher vs t2 cruse. and I tell you what you think =p

I just ran a 3/10 and came out with well over 80m without fully salvaging. That was just the last box.

I grabbed a few other close wrecks that had cargo which gave me another few million.

For such a low level site the pay out seemed fine to me.

Next time I’ll grab my Noctis and go back to salvage, it’s bound to get me even more isk, so maybe it’ll be nearer 100mil next time.

I used a Confessor, but a Vexor could have done it easily enough I suppose.

is friend. Today I sinned 7 of them. gave me 300m; I spent exactly 6 hours doing them all… if you are a casual gamer. That doesn’t look bad. but if you play every day doing this. you will understand what I’m saying

Oh no. We can forget… time. to catch them =p

still waiting for the response from those responsible =(

is it a trolling account?

what are you talking about. friend? what am I trolling?

I’m trying to improve the activity that I like the most

How much do think you should be earning per site, considering its a low risk activity running sites that spawn in hisec?

If you’re arguing that low difficulty sites should pay more, then its only fair that the higher tiers should also have their rewards increased - why should people risk their ships in low/null for you to earn the same in hisec?