Combat site escalation DED 1/10 4/10

I opened a ticker with resentment,
with game support. he recommends me. post here.

I don’t know if I’m a player. veteran. I’m only 7 years old playing
I flew. Ships of all classes

I want to make a complaint.
after 2024-01-09.1
it became impossible. play sustainably.
the payments. they are ridiculous.
I can’t even pay my monthly fee.

I extract. and sell everything I had to continue being an omega
Basically, I became a weakling again.

I would like to improve. in quality of life. of those who carry out this activity. the risks are very great. The salary is not fair. with the time I spent to earn a good amount of isk. compared to other things in the game.

I wait for feedback. of the community and those responsible, thx.

Closed due renundancy in Combat site escalation DED 1/10 4/10