Contested DED site Psychology... What did I do wrong to piss off X?

Hallo everybody.
I wa running a DED site tonight, when a Jackdaw pop up, then warped off, and
went on a raging Chat that I should learn good manners…
I have absolutely no clues what that rant was about… as if I did something wrong…
other than running the site??
Someone could please explain to me the Psycology involved??
Was it just a ganker tactic to try demotivate me from running the site??
Or perhaps was something else but to I have not been given any explanations…
I’ve been recovering from a really bad real life situation, I lost girlfriend to overdose just yesterday
And my patience bar is set to below zero… I usually don’t get angry at people .
but here it is. the chat part is towards the end of the video.

And before anyone asks, I have my own corp and I feel allright with it.
I Like socilaizing and fleets, but not joining any other corp than mine.

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Screw him…

Just ignore. Some people simply expect free isk for zero effort and zero risk.

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Typical ignorant behavior you know very well what you did… you monster! :smirk: :smiling_imp: :upside_down_face:

Well, corpies/blue generally have rules in place not to contest each other, and some pilots wont contest neuts just to be friendly. But this is Eve, and the only things that belong to you are what you can take and hold on to.

Some people will, of course, act like assholes if you compete with them. I think that at least some of them think it’s rude based upon etiquette expectations that they picked up playing less competitive MMO’s. But a lot are just lashing out in impotent rage.

Regardless, I wouldn’t worry about sore losers -especially the ones that go on and on in chat, as they’re the ones least likely to actually do anything about it.

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kill them all, god will sort em out.


Hey man :wave: I hope everything is alright. Grief makes us do some weird ■■■■.

Thanks for sharing your story, might not mean much from a complete internet stranger but I’m sending some reps and positive vibes your way. It got me to stop for a moment and think about gratitude.

Hope you got some sick loots from the site. :slightly_smiling_face: I was looking for that part in your video.

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Ty Rich, getting all the reps I can at the moment, still, it’s a very sad story I can’t
stop dreaming of a better world, this we can all work 2gether to make it a better place.
ty again.

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There were yellow wrecks in the site before you entered it, right? Maybe he was running it and had to warp out. Hence the tears. Not that it matters in a sandbox game but maybe he thought that he ‘claimed’ the site because he was there first.
Also, I really don’t think you should share the fact that your girlfriend died with total strangers. Some may be understanding, others not so much.

Psycology is real, so are feelings, and when you are open like a butter ship in a boiling ocean, you melt.
Can’t do anything about it. If can help heal someone, if can not, learn to heal.
We do not have the privilege to choose the place of birth but we can choose where to live.

On the other end, what is most important, is how you get going.
I do not harass ppl, that how I do, I play and let play.
Of course I can get mad sometime, but never like too serious, or
worst, make it personal… have a nice day whoever you are,
and ty for having taken the time to tell your otherwise.

In this vid, I’ve been stolen one hour straight of loot…
What should I have said?

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