Thoughts on preserving Molea Cemetary

I have only recently found out about the Cemetary in Molea and see it as a wonderful idea. However, when the POS system is removed it will cease to exist.

I had an idea as to how to preserve it i thought i could share with the DEVS seeing as they expressed an interest in preserving it.

It is my idea that in the spot the current graveyard is located create a special and permanant wormhole that is small enough to transport the bodies though.

All wormholes have special rules so why not make the rule in this new memorial wormhole that all weapon systems deal no damage to floating containers. The only things anchorable are containers and they never expire. Like Thera has a static station freeport (maybe even a special design for it found no where else). It doesnt need to be a very large system probably less than 1au in size. It will preserve the graveyard in the same location and allow additional memorials.

Although, to maintain the memorials and keep trolls from anchoring non memorial containers will need some way to remove the trolls containers.

Just my thoughts, hope the devs see this.


There was thread about making a permanent site as a capsuleer graveyard. With custom site arrangement. But since it was on old forums that are now COMPLETELY DEFUNCT AND NOBODY CAN ACCESS THEM, I dont have even a link for you to see what was proposed there. :pensive:

Millions of deaths, but one too much. Gief back old forums CCP, there was so much stuff there. :anguished:


I may be missing something, but what does POS code have to deal with it? I thought CCP just disabled container despawning in that system.

QFT. What the heck, ccp…

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I think the fear is that without the POS shield, containers (graves) would be killed or may despawn. If you could anchor the containers around a citadel, that may work.

I believe that there have been two instances where the cemetery was targeted and containers/graves destroyed. Both took place before the addition of numerous memorials to real life people were placed by players. I think it would take a “special” group of players who would think destroying a tribute to a loved lost real person would be a good idea, but I imagine that in the large EVE universe, there are probably enough players or groups willing to cause such grief. Therefore, CCP must plan accordingly if they hope to preserve the integrity of the cemetery. In addition, as this area becomes more well known/publicized and utalized, CCP must plan for expansion far larger than it currently exist.

I did some reading, POS towers keep containers from despawning if they are on grid with them, but I know from experience that you can’t anchor containers inside of a POS shield.

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