Ahbazon gate camps

There should be something done about these gate camps to let capsuleers actually get through without having to make 40 jumps the safe route to amarr space.

Yea I get its the only low sec system from Jita to Amarr and shouldnt expect total safety going through but after losing expensive pods to instalock and smartbomb fleets just sets me and others so far back. And is just demotivating to lose something that expensive without being able to recover any of it.

Especially when it comes from other players that dont have any good sportsmanship. Ive gate camped before as well and know the pain of the victims getting podded or just losing a ship. therefore , I at least send isk there way or invite them to a chat to dull the pain.

Spending an hour of my playtime just jumping through high sec gates isnt all that fun and would honestly just rather log off if my only options are to
A. Get anniahlated trying to take the shorter trip
B. Spend most of my playtime jumping through gates and having way less time to actually play EVE

Call me a sore loser or whatever, my killboard is blood red but I actually enjoy EVE anyway until I come across this situation. (Let my pod survive)
I’m sure I’m not the only one.

End of rant
Love , Anro203

This is griefing and you can report them.

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So use an insta-warp ship, or something that can tank the smartbombs. Or take the long way around like everyone else…

What’s Ahbazon?

2 second align time destroyer was countered with a instalock and the pod ,spamming the jump didnt workout well , not sure how but i do give props for that . . I’m just ranting, but if you have x amount of playtime and you spend most of it jumping through gates , how much fun can you really have ?

Ahbazon is kind of luck-of-the-draw. They can’t target everyone.


Yep. Find friends, fleet up, fly out and go bust it up.

Don’t cry to daddy CCP.

Or make the 40 jumps in relative safety. Its a choice brosef.

You knew the system was hot before you jumped in. It only makes sense to camp a pipe like that. You killed yourself essentially homie.

This sounds like a personal problem :smiley:

My brother in Amar Jebus, they are literally in low sec. Also this is like a 2/10 for real :smiley:

A place filled with magic :smiley:

So find friends and bust the gate camp :smiley:

you can kill them
it works sometimes

not claiming that I’m good or anything
I’m the worst
but if you have a fighting spirit once in a while you win


Lol, the gatecamp in Ahbazon is totally lame. I am jumping blindly there all the time, lost just one atron when they had instalocking electronic frigate with resebos. They usually cant even lock 1-2sec warping frigates.

The gatecamp in Miroitem is whole another league.

For sure!

It is common sense lol
Most the answers are obvious yes but the following reasons i posted is where im getting at . Like make the gate guns stronger , add some ewar or something, if its the only link between regions dont just make it harder for the travelers , make the gate camp aspect a challenge to, dont just leave it up to the next bigger fleet that will do the same thing.

Its not easy to come across a bil isk of implants and to get popped just trying to cross the universe on the shorter path to actually play . Would at least want a way to recoup something from losing a expensive pod.

And who logs on to look foward to jumping through gates most of their time just to get to the content or corp they want to interact with?

Squeaky wheel gets the grease . Not trying to ruin the game but not everything should be a total loss or a big time suck.

Nuh-uh I’m the worst!


Welcome o/
There will be if you are able to scan down the highsec wormhole that links to a highsec someplace closer. You just need to scan those down and they are there for just this.

Perhaps someone can help you with that.

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Nope. This is EVE. It is a player driven universe.

Find friends, fit up, fleet up, fly out and bust it down yourselves. Stop your crying LOL.

If I had a bil in my head, I’d go the longer safe way every time. You made the choice, you accepted the risk LOL.

Your mistake jumping into a known camped low security system LOL.

You literally are trying to ruin the game.

It isn’t CCP’s fault you died.
It isn’t the mechanics.
It isn’t even the gate campers.

It is you. Your incompetence caused your death. Either learn, or cry/HTFU.

Accept your failure. Learn from it. Next time press F10 and look at the route first. Learn to only use ships killed in the last hour flter.

The game gives you all the tools to stay alive. It can’t force you to use them.


That’s what jump clones are for…

Not much.
This game is designed to have the players logged in for as long as possible. Corporations don’t give a damn about your irl personal life… until it’s time to sell your data.
If you don’t have the time to make 40 jumps, or you’re understandably bored out of your skull traveling for 70% of your playtime, I suggest you make 20 jumps, log off and finish the trip the next time you feel like playing.
It sucks but the only other choice is to lose your ship and implants.
…or, don’t travel between Caldari and Amarr space, problem solved.

Just NO.

If you want safe travel you need to break that gatecamp and evict the campers ingame.

Demanding CCP to change rules so the gatecamp is not possible is low and stupid.

Get better in the game, there are plenty of way to pass that gatecamp without losing ship and especially without losing pod. You don’t event need to be omega clone to do that.

And if you cannot do that, then take the long route like everyone else.

It is common sense lol.

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space is time
if jita was 1 jump from amarr there is no reason for different market prices and stuff

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I recommend going throught Rancer, Very quiet low sec. Nothing happens there. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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