:parrotwave1: [SBBAL] Short Bus Ballaz expanding AU/EU/US tz "chillin and killin"


(Millineon Silvership) #22

Daily bump and added respect for those who work/live/protest in paris and who don the yellow vests

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another one.

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Bumping this post more then a freighter in HS for the memes

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Still recruiting

(Millineon Silvership) #26

Getting kills continually as a corp and plenty of content.

Join our discord for more information and ask in public channel for more information .

(Millineon Silvership) #27

Rorqual killing with 6 dudes. We pew like this regularly and small gang all the time. Join the discord and we’ll talk if you’re interested

(Millineon Silvership) #28

Today we’ve added more goals to accomplish in 2019 and we’d like you to be there

(Millineon Silvership) #29

Sometimes you can spice up your life with a corp change. Instead of sticking with the same guys who might have gotten boring over the years change your scene and explore our side of null.

(Millineon Silvership) #30

Looking for a new life in a new year? doing the same thing day in and day out with the same people getting boring? Come check us out in our section of Null sec.

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Relaxing on a sunday and doing some pew pew…

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Daily bumping here. Our recruitment process is about to get heaps easier with just one log in and you’ll be good to go.

We do offer SRP and such for all Capitals.
We have a hand out system within corp for new players ~10mil SP
We only have one corp wallet activity a month in order to fund the buy back program with members and to fuel our structures. We don’t suck away your ratting profits we don’t require you to donate ore. We just want you to play the way you’d like to.

(Millineon Silvership) #33

Looking for more AU bros!

(Millineon Silvership) #34

Snowing currently and relaxing with my bros and hoes in eve right now. US tz is popping off with content with our neighbors being Tri.

Corp Killboard

If you are interested in an active PVP corp with ISK and Ships to back you up come take a look in our Discord and chat with us to see if we are the right fit for you.

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daily bump.

Still looking for active EVE players no matter the timezone

(Millineon Silvership) #36

Open to all pilots applying no matter the experience level. If you read the full ad above and it sounds like you’d be interested then join our discord and chat with us to get you ready to join.

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If any of this sounds like a good fit for you then don’t hesitate to join our discord and we’ll get started ASAP.

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Beep boop daily bump reporting in.

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Daily bump. Am recovering from a drunk roam last night. If anyone is into those we have them weekly o7

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daily/nightly bump. I hope everyone is having an awesome eve day

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We hunt and kill together as a corp. Might as well join us to be a part of this awesome group of individuals.