:parrotwave1: [SBBAL] Short Bus Ballaz expanding AU/EU/US tz "chillin and killin"


(Millineon Silvership) #33

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(Millineon Silvership) #34

Snowing currently and relaxing with my bros and hoes in eve right now. US tz is popping off with content with our neighbors being Tri.

Corp Killboard

If you are interested in an active PVP corp with ISK and Ships to back you up come take a look in our Discord and chat with us to see if we are the right fit for you.

(Millineon Silvership) #37

If any of this sounds like a good fit for you then don’t hesitate to join our discord and we’ll get started ASAP.

(Millineon Silvership) #41

We hunt and kill together as a corp. Might as well join us to be a part of this awesome group of individuals.

(Millineon Silvership) #46

With SBBAL being the top of the Alliance killboard consistently it shows we can pvp and participate in any part of the alliance. Even though we are one of the smallest we can hold our own. Come join us to get into the action!

(Millineon Silvership) #48

We’re poppin off BR’s over here against PH


Join and be a part of the action :slight_smile:


(Millineon Silvership) #49

Well we have been kicking some butt recently and focusing on what makes the short bus great.

This BR shows one of the reasons and that’s PVP

We have put the new minimum SP requirement at 25mil SP f you’re close to that (1-2mil SP below) we can make decisions based your experience and what you have trained already.

We have great facilities for cap building so if you lose them most of our members can replace your hull within a week regardless of size.

Chat with us today about joining the Short Bus


(Millineon Silvership) #52

Plenty of action going on tonight for us. If anyone has questions about joining evemail me in game or join our discord linked above.

(Millineon Silvership) #55

Been doing a lot of killing. Content is here.

Just come and join the fun

(Millineon Silvership) #56

If you’re looking for null PVP content we offer it in many flavors.

(Blues Killer) #57

Some fun dudes to fly with for sure. I wish I could be faithful to the game long enough but I had to go and knock up my wife. If I could I’d join back in a heartbeat.

(Millineon Silvership) #58

All AU dudes welcome! we’ve got a growing community of the tz here in the short bus.

a rorqual logged in after years of offline in our home system and we had some help poppin it but it sure was fun!

(Millineon Silvership) #60

Killing tons of stuff in small gang o7 Join us

(Millineon Silvership) #62

Ops ops ops = Content content content

Sometimes you just gotta small gang a fleet comp and make it work.

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just out here killin.

(Millineon Silvership) #65

Just out here still killin

(Millineon Silvership) #66

Entrapment and Triglavian ships… If you like trig ships and want to fly then more we are the Corp for you.

(Millineon Silvership) #68

microgang stuff before downtime! Join us! Eve mail Millineon Silvership or Ari Utep for more information.

(Millineon Silvership) #75


Killing NC. and PL/PH one ship at a time. Come join us for the collective hate :slight_smile:

(Millineon Silvership) #76

Because sometimes you just feel like being overpowered against a foe.