‼ US TZ PVP corp looking for more US TZ



Our mantra is “Chillin and killin”

This means

  • Having Fun period . Whatever makes you happy in EVE that you enjoy doing, DO IT . We are just here to help you in any way possible succeed.
  • Meeting new and exciting folks within the alliance. When we have CTA’s and Max form ups here we ENCOURAGE you to meet others and definitely have fun on fleets.
  • Kick back and relax is self explanatory.

SBBAL is world wide tz English speaking corp of old friends and new ones that strives to represent everything camaraderie stands for. Staying together when it matters and creating bonds that will last even after you move on.

PVP player perks

  1. Daily fleets in all time zones
  2. 100% SRP on numerous doctrine ships.
  3. We have numerous FCs in corp.
  4. Importing any dread/capital fits are cheap with corp run JF service

IRL is important to us but if you’re in corp we do expect you to log in and play the game.

We have isk making opportunities for industrial/isk making alts if you need it.

Using a mic to communicate while logged in game is a must.

If you do feel like SBBAL is the right place for you we do have requirements:

  • T3 or HAC skills. Fax alt helps your chances. (If you have a Super/Titan a FAX alt is a requirement)
  • Min. 1 year playing the game consistently with proven ability to PVP and operate as part of a team
  • An understanding of fleets and how you fit into your individual role
  • The ability to be flexible with doctrine fittings and ships
  • 30 million SP or more preferred.

We ask for full ESI access and compliance if we have any questions or concerns about your corp history. We aren’t strict about it but sometimes it’s just a way to find out how you play and who you enjoy playing with.

Join us in our public discord to chat o7

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Pew pewpew. PEW PEW PEW! pew pew.

^^^ the only language we know how to speak. It translates to “Shoot stuff. SHOOT A LOT OF STUFF! Kill things.” If you want to learn the love language of pew come and let us teach you

Interested in this. I’ll hit up Discord when I get a chance.

Free bump in the mean time.

I just want to advertise that our US Timezone is active as hell. There are always good fights to be had. Even if you don’t like the null blob lifestyle we roam Lowsec often. Our isk making systems are there too for ratting PI or mining.

Getting kills continually as a corp and plenty of content.

Reply here or EVEmail me for more information.

Rorqual killing with 6 dudes. We pew like this regularly and small gang all the time. Join the discord and we’ll talk if you’re interested

We hunt and kill together as a corp. Might as well join us to be a part of this awesome group of individuals.

Well we have been kicking some butt recently and focusing on what makes the short bus great.

This BR shows one of the reasons and that’s PVP

We have great facilities for cap building so if you lose them most of our members can replace your hull within a week regardless of size.

Chat with us today about joining the Short Bus

Plenty of action going on tonight for us. If anyone has questions about joining evemail me in game or join our discord linked above.

Been doing a lot of killing. Content is here.

Just come and join the fun

If you’re looking for null PVP content we offer it in many flavors.

Some fun dudes to fly with for sure. I wish I could be faithful to the game long enough but I had to go and knock up my wife. If I could I’d join back in a heartbeat.

All AU dudes welcome! we’ve got a growing community of the tz here in the short bus.

a rorqual logged in after years of offline in our home system and we had some help poppin it but it sure was fun!

Killing tons of stuff in small gang o7 Join us

Ops ops ops = Content content content

Sometimes you just gotta small gang a fleet comp and make it work.

just out here killin.

Just out here still killin

Entrapment and Triglavian ships… If you like trig ships and want to fly then more we are the Corp for you.

microgang stuff before downtime! Join us! Eve mail Millineon Silvership or Ari Utep for more information.

Because sometimes you just feel like being overpowered against a foe.