‼ US TZ PVP corp looking for more US TZ

Have been blopsing recently. reply on here or eve mail me in game if you’d like more information!

It seems lately all we do is blops because it’s freaking fun as hell.

Fun solo content comes to us :slight_smile:

Whether you like LS pew/ Structure bashing or whatever else you might like to do in EVE we can provide that content.

Content is content my dudes.

Blops action that’s regular for us. Come join us if you’re in for some action and sweet kills.

How many Aussies you got playing in the Evenings UTC + 10 ??

We’ve got about five total currently @Albatheron and the alliance shares comms so there are others in TS to chat with if our corp AU guys have IRL things to attend to.

This stuff literally is in our backyard every day. Unreal amounts of pew available. Join us!

1.62 killed and 200mil lost. Those are some damn good numbers. Definitely come to us looking to pew and pew often.


50m SP pilot plus alts…AUTZ looking for new corp/alliance. Still recruiting?

This ad is currently up to date I’ll send you an evemail in game @Rob_Polaris

Back at it again with recruitment. Please note that requirements are up but so is the pew and jew. Eve mail me if interested in looking at flying with us.

Sometimes ya just feel like dropping the hammer on a drake fleet. Come enjoy content with us. EVE mail me in game or send me a message here and I’ll get back to you.


We killed some things on a corp roam and lost a loki but it’s all in good fun. Who cares about kill boards these days anyway.

Later in the day we popped a Gila

We’ve got third party small gang going on.

We hunt bots for easy salt in local we don’t understand

Come join in the fun. Whether it’s because of the large exciting F1 lifestyle or small gang and even multiple blops groups. Join our public discord above to chat

Nice logo :thermometer:

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Low sec solo pew is so close and available in the nearby systems of Amamake and Kamela.

If you’re more into the fleet activities. We offer that as well still in the small gang variety.

Join discord if you’re into small gang and solo among other things.

We got some dank kills in the kikimora fleet last night. Come join in for the fun!

I don’t know what this guy was doing but this is what happens when you join SBBAL. You get kills. Was a little while ago but we flash formed this fleet in less then 5 mins and popped a nyx.