10m SP Returning Player Looking For A Decent Corp To Help Relearn

Hey there. I’m returning after about 4-5 years off and things have certainly changed. I’m looking for a Corp that does various things such as mining (need to re-buy a miner at some point), missions, exploration, trading, with mostly a desire to stay in PvE for now.

Before I left the game I gave everything away and am basically starting from scratch with a Merlin that I’m currently trying to fit. So I need to ease into the game without getting blown to high hell each time I undock.

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Hey Touchn,

I’m a recruiter for a null corp, Short Bus Ballaz. We live up north in Deklein in the SLYCE alliance. We have daily PVP opportunities and the largest Ore Anom spawns in the game all within our home system. Which gives you the opportunity to make plenty of money to support losing tons of ships to get back into the swing of things.

Below I’ve linked our Forum Post if you’re interested. Join our discord and I’m totally down to connect with you.

Forum Post
Corp killboard
Discord Link

Millineon S

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If you would like to get into WH space. My corp(Phantom-Operatives) lives in a c2 with c3 and LS static so it makes it pretty easy to find your way in and out and find yourself content. Me and my other corp-mates would be happy to help you get back into the eve madness. If you would like to know more feel free to stop by, Discord or stop by in game chat “Phantom-Pub”.

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Anoken Empire is Recruiting! New High Class Wormhole PVP/PVE Corp! come talk!!!

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you too Casey jesus get in here

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Feel free to look us up at ExDominion, part of Evictus Alliance and Legacy Coalition.

We are a nullsec group who actually has quite a people who returned to EVE as of late. There are lots of changes we can help you with. We would also help you moving in and out if you chose to join us.

  • We are a Social + PVP corp first, but partake in PVE and Industry as well as time permits.
  • Only rule is no imicus allowed
  • SRP, full IT infrastructure
  • We fly everything from frigates to caps. We build everything from frigates to caps.
  • Discord and Mumble are mandatory for us.

Or join us at EXDOM HUB channel ingame.

If you have any questions, reach out on there!

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