:parrotwave1: [SBBAL] Short Bus Ballaz expanding AU/EU/US tz "chillin and killin"


(Millineon Silvership) #1



Our mantra is “Chillin and killin”

This means

  • Having Fun period . Whatever makes you happy in EVE that you enjoy doing, DO IT . We are just here to help you in any way possible succeed.
  • Meeting new and exciting folks within the alliance. When we have CTA’s and RED PEN’s up here in the north we ENCOURAGE you to meet others and definitely have fun on fleets.
  • Kick back and relax. This one is self explanatory.

SBBAL is an all tz corp of old friends and new ones that strives to represent everything comradery stands for. Staying together when it matters and creating bonds that will last even after you move on.

Industrial Player Perks

  1. Industrial Buy back programs 90% Jita buy on all items
  2. A Ship Replacement Program covers industrial ships that are lost.
  3. Colossal Ore Anomalies in our home system for any large/small mining ships or fleets
  4. Robust infrastructure for all types of building and researching.

PVP player perks

  1. Daily fleets in all time zones
  2. 5 fleets a month is what we require as well as a mic for comms. (we avg 50-70 fleets a month should be easy)
  3. Corp FCs take out response fleets for those who mess around in our space.
  4. We have numerous FCs in corp who also serve on the coalition level.
  5. Our systems are two jumps MAX away from the market hubs in our space. In order to get quick reships done if needed.
  6. Importing any dread/capital fits are cheap with coalition JF services

Small gang br’s

  1. Battle Procurer Roam
  2. Rorqual Kill with only 4dps ships
  3. Random charon we had to kill
  4. Sometimes we drop
  5. Or sometimes just simple baiting
  6. Over powered as hell

Alliance and Coalition br’s

  1. Keepstar shenanigans
  2. Rorq save
  3. Harder drops then EDM festivals
  4. Sometimes we decide to roam out with alliance bros
  5. Goon’s said hello and then we decided to face punch them

Using a mic to communicate while logged in game is a must.

If you do feel like SBBAL is the right place for you we do have a 25mil SP requirement to join. Just so you have enough SP in whatever you’re doing now to survive out here and fly some ships.

We ask for full ESI access and compliance if we have any questions or concerns about your corp history. We aren’t strict about it but sometimes it’s just a way to find out how you play and who you enjoy playing with.

Join our Public chat in game for more information on recruitment.

Ask for Ari or Millineon.

In game Public chat: Short Bus Ballaz Public

Send me an in game mail for a discord invite if you’d like to chat o7

Experienced PVP'er lookiing for corp/alliance in 0.0
64m beta/2003 player returning once again for a while looking for fun, and active numbers
77M+ and 42M+ SP Returning Player looking for New Home. (Indy, Rorq Mining, Carrier Ratting)
Haven't played since 2015. Looking to get back into the fight
10m SP Returning Player Looking For A Decent Corp To Help Relearn
Pvper looking for a new home
31 Mill SP pilot looking for corp
12m sp Pilot looking for pure pvp
52.5 M SP subcap toon looking for UK based corp
29mil SP returning player LF Null Sec corp
130M SP gal/cal + rorqual pilot LF nullsec corp or system to rent where to deploy my mining ships
Returning UK player looking for friends 30m SP
Ok found a home thanks
Corp Found, Thanks
Looking for Nullsec pvp/isk Main pvp. Dread/JF/Rorq alt. Super alt
38m SP looking for corp in npc zero, either venal or curse
22m sp focused rorq pilot
Rusty 12m sp player looking for null sec corp for exploration and possibly pvp
49M SP returning player looking for easygoing corp (EU TZ)
I am a noob, but have had the game a long time. I need help learning to fly my carrier
10mil sp industrialist looking for 0.0 or maybe WH ventures
Old pilot (2006) returned and looking for a home
Returning player looking for a home!
Looking for a large ish 00 alliance to join
Returning 32.5m SP toon looking for null pewing and jewing
Newbro looking for a SEA/AU TZ corp
Rorqual pilot looking for somewhere to mine
100M+ main, 3 alts 50-70M needs new home - EU timezone
55 Mil Pilot looking for AU TZ
[US TZ] Looking for Null corp in Guristas Space - ~40m SP Experienced PvP pilot
:parrotdad: PvP main looking for null sec home. 113+mill sp :parrotdad:
Returning (US) Pilot Probably Looking For Corp
[CLOSED] - Returning Player Looking for Industrial Group
(Millineon Silvership) #4

Just a little BR from last night showing we can defend our rorquals if you have them. We’re a very cap heavy corp with 80% saturation. o7 Fly dangerous or not at all

(Millineon Silvership) #11

Pew pewpew. PEW PEW PEW! pew pew.

^^^ the only language we know how to speak. It translates to “Shoot stuff. SHOOT A LOT OF STUFF! Kill things.” If you want to learn the love language of pew come and let us teach you

(Millineon Silvership) #12

We aren’t like Fweddit with being space Chikun’s but we like to participate in turkey shoots in space occasionally. Join us in discord and pew pew with the birds

(Aerilyn Neiliff) #13

Interested in this. I’ll hit up Discord when I get a chance.

Free bump in the mean time.

(Millineon Silvership) #14

I just want to advertise that our US Timezone is active as hell. There are always good fights to be had. Even if you don’t like the null blob lifestyle we roam Lowsec often. Our isk making systems are there too for ratting PI or mining. We have R64 moons for personal use. Join using the discord link above and chat us up. 10mil SP and above is preferred but arrangements can be made.


(Millineon Silvership) #15

Another day Another anomaly mined. We are looking for more EU eve players to get in on our space riches. Join up in discord and check us out. No pressure and no obligation to join Just come to chat

(Millineon Silvership) #16

If someone knows xtraSquishy we’ll take him as a corp member so he can kill whatever sixth empire member he wants.

(Millineon Silvership) #17

Well Happy new year everyone! Start off the New Year right with a NEW YOU! Sometimes that can mean a change of scenery in EVE and we at SBBAL want to offer that opportunity to you. If you’re unhappy where you’re at and need a change of pace come check us out in discord. We have EU and US timezone’s available for PVPers and Industrial’s alike. Whether it’s shooting moons or killing nerds we can offer you a place at the table.

(Millineon Silvership) #18

Our US tz has too many systems and not enough pilots :stuck_out_tongue: I suggest if you’re looking for a place to make isk and train up to join today!

(Millineon Silvership) #19


Just saying we had two moons pop and don’t have enough people to mine them. We also run protection fleets for the moons since we don’t have that quiet of space. We have loads of content for all ages. Join the Discord through the post and chat us up!

(Millineon Silvership) #20

Whew after a long day of keeping the industrial index at 199% I’m headed to bed. If anyone else wants to enjoy a maxxed out ADM and moons from R16-R64 come join us and let us know. We recruit all kinds and if you have less then the 10mil minimum we can chat about it and see what we can do for you.

Fly dangerous,
Milli o7

:shuffleparrot: 250M SP Returning PVP Pilot
(Millineon Silvership) #22

Daily bump and added respect for those who work/live/protest in paris and who don the yellow vests

(Millineon Silvership) #23

another one.

(Millineon Silvership) #24

Bumping this post more then a freighter in HS for the memes

(Millineon Silvership) #25

Still recruiting

(Millineon Silvership) #26

Getting kills continually as a corp and plenty of content.

Join our discord for more information and ask in public channel for more information .

(Millineon Silvership) #27

Rorqual killing with 6 dudes. We pew like this regularly and small gang all the time. Join the discord and we’ll talk if you’re interested

(Millineon Silvership) #28

Today we’ve added more goals to accomplish in 2019 and we’d like you to be there

(Millineon Silvership) #29

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