Old Returning Player Looking for a Hanger

Started Dec 2006 and and have played off and on since then. My primary toon is a 89mil SP and my second toon is a 73 Mil SP toon. My last alliance was with KOS, Gladiators of Rage in Deklin.
Coming back from a 2 year break. Joined one corp since returning great guys, but after a couple of weeks I just cant do LoSec, I like to do a little of everything, CAP OPS, Fleet Ops, Black Ops Drops, Roaming gangs, Sniper runs, and just good old T1 gank and roams. I also like to explore, mine, create and such.
Retired Army Pilot and just about to retire for the last time in a couple of years. I like to have fun, laugh and feel part of a group with a common goal. I have a thick skin but don’t play mind games. EVE is my fun!
I am a Central Time Zone player.

Corps not interested in:
WormHole (Permanent)

So if your interested please message me.

Hey SirxAmoc,

Welcome back to the game looks like you’ve had a storied career. Just letting you know us old farts over at SBBAL are recruiting. Most of us are old army, navy, [ch]air force, and marines. We have a good laugh with our banter especially between our 20 yr olds and those in their 50s.

I’ll link below our recruitment ad. We do have requirements but you seem like you might be a good fit.
Let me know if you have any questions or concerns. You can evemail me in game or send me a reply on here.

Milli o7

Sent you a mail in game.

Hey Amoc,

I feel we might be a good fit for you, if you’re up for the challenge of carving out space in Scalding Pass. it sounds like you have a good rounding of skills and I could do with guys like you.

I’m currently active service Navy myself as well, so we can make fun of eachother a bit.

Here’s our forum ad:

Unholy Knights of Cthulhu is a moderately sized PVP corporation looking to expand! We are a corporation within TEST Alliance and call the region of Esoteria home. Here, we can offer you access to a vast amount of PVP content and access to any PVE content you want in null-sec…

What we offer you:

  • Safe Havens for PvE

  • EUTZ and USTZ coverage (corp) and alliance nearly 23/7

  • Working Space Logistics

  • Buy programs of all Kinds Loot, Ore & Salvage!

  • Want to use Titans? Supers? Dreads? Carriers? TEST uses them constantly!

  • Like Blops? Have a blops BS that you want to drop?

  • Industrial Support, if your into that sorta’ thing.

What we require from you:

  • 5mil SP minimum

  • Willingness to PVP and make ISK

  • Activity in corp and alliance matters

  • Socialize with your fellow space nerds!

  • A working microphone is mandatory

  • FULL ESI keys provided for ALL your accounts and characters via the TEST auth system

If you are interested in joining us, please have a chat with us in our ingame channel, ukoc.pub and join us on our discord server, Unholy Knights Of Cthulhu

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