Scary CareBears with Claws

☜☆☞The 7Th Sons☜☆☞

Do You like building stuff as well as blowing stuff up? there your just what we are looking for!!

Come and join the family!!

☜☆☞ EU TImeZone ☜☆☞

HS based corporation looking to move in WHs.

We are looking for New and experienced players to build a good community.

We offer:
☜ Strong/Active leadership
☜ Regular PvP fleets / Cloaky PvP Training
☜ Sneaky tactics
☜ Laid back fun enviroment (No Drama)

We require:
☜ Discord with working Mic
☜ New Pilot Friendly
☜ All pilots to be active, social and respectful towards other members.

Feel free to join our Corp channel = T7SS Recruitment
Our Discord Channel and speak to a Recruiter

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