Scorched Earth Inc. Null Sec Recruiting

Scorched Earth Inc. is a Null Sec corporation, looking for pilots that:

We want pilots that are:
-Omega Accounts
-5 million+ skill points
-using Discord VoIP
-Sick of paying taxes!

Our corporation and alliance are growing fast! The reason is the potential of isk to be made and the content of how we make it. There is never a dull moment.
-Miners and Manufacturers will rejoice in the high demand our PVE and PVP pilots for market commodities and the access to moons, PI and ice.
-PVE/PVP pilots can expect high military indexes and hostile neutral pilots. Plenty to shoot at!
-Explorers and other miscellaneous pilots will find a vast array of useful niches to not just help the corp, but to gain personal profit and glory.

So, if you…
-are tired of the grind in high sec
-have contempt of low sec
-Think taxes are for COMMUNISTS
-want to make A LOT of isk
-Always want to have some fun
Then join chat channel SCEAIPub and talk to a recruiter today!

Scorched Earth Inc.

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