Scrapyard, production, fabrication, standings

I would see the scrapyard this way, it would look similar to the asteroid belt. To use the scrapyard, you would need a small, mobile station that would consist of modules:

  • module for collecting elements from the scrapyard
  • a module resembling a small steelworks for melting elements
  • workshop module/docks for processing, repairing, improving, upgrading elements, and modifying ships
  • a module for processing collected elements into fuel for the station or minerals

After expansion, such a station could obtain a module that could be used to move the station to a different position.

The station would produce/recover ship equipment, e.g. weapons, armor, afterburners, elements that could be attached to the ship’s hull, change their appearance, repair shipwrecks, etc. Of course, depending on the expansion of the station, the quantity and quality of the manufactured elements would be different. After creating an item, the player would receive blueprints for that item.

The station would, of course, have a limit on the size of the items produced.

Of course, the manufactured elements could be kept, sold, exchanged or given to other corporations. If such an item were given to an NPC corporation, the status towards such a corporation would improve, and such equipment could appear later in the game, e.g.: such a Velator given to Concord could patrol asteroid belts in less safe systems, Iteron could carry some goods for Astral Mining, etc. Such a ship would also have the logo of the donor corporation.

Such a station would operate on a similar principle to a colony, in planetary industry. could use the same window. Then there would be two tabs: colony - planetary industry and station - scrapyard.

There would be one such scrap yard per system. It wouldn’t spawn like the asteroid belt. Every now and then you could “dig up” something extra from the scrapyard. Some rare minerals or a super item that could be used to improve crafted items or sold or traded.

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I have a few questions about your idea

1: would you have to scan it down to find/warp to it or would it show up in your overview when you enter the system?

2: would there be a few rats that are guarding it? And if so, would they be about the same as a belt rat or stronger?

3: would the mobile station be part of the site, or would you need to bring your own? And if you need to bring your own, would it be like a larger/“upgraded” mobile depot with basic station services (like ship/module repairs, and possibly manufacturing of some kind)

4: if it had manufacturing, would it be limited to one type for each variant? Ex: a Caldari Navy variant would be limited to making hybrid weapon charges, missiles/rockets below a certain size, and shield rigs, while an Amarr imperial Navy variant would be limited to making laser crystals, armor plates/reppers below a certain size, and armor/capacitor rigs

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i have to admit, its very pleasant seeing people posting up about salvaging, all of us salvagers do agree it needs some TLC and a good once over.

I personally think instead of the station you’re talking about, those abilities could just be given to the noctis.

in the past I’ve advocated for the noctis getting the ability to restore destroyed wrecks, however i don’t think with the way the game is set up its possible.

I do like the idea of the salvage belts though, it has been often suggested in the past that wrecks can appear as anomalies in space, but why do that when we can just have salvage belts.

my concern with that is that it would take away the organic nature of finding wrecks, i do enjoy flying around and finding huge numbers of wrecks around planets and belts, poco’s, stargates etc etc.

my issue with salvaging is that, you’re suppose to be able to fly around and be able to find old battle grounds, yet the wreck despawn time about 10 years ago was 3 hours, now its only two, in truth you can only salvage unless you’re making the wrecks yourself and no matter what people suggest the ability to scan wrecks gets shot down because of one reason or another.

so to me salvage belts don’t come across as a bad idea, i don’t instinctively hate this idea either.

personally I’m still for a way of finding wrecks in the game though.

a lot of people suggest scanning probes and gets shot down for good reason.
to throw my two cents into the hat

lets give salvaging a new deployable which works with mechanics similar to ESS / Mobile Observatory
and give the noctis a core.

my thoughts are this without it you can still fly around and hope to find wrecks etc just like you do now.

but with this deployable & core, you power on the core, pop the deployable and link to it, it will then scan within a limited area around you, say 20 AU for wrecks, each scan cycle should have a 5-10% chance, it then upon successful detection will allow you to warp to these wrecks.

to prevent this being abused and to hunting down mission runners, if the deployable detects a capsuleer (player) on the same grid as the wrecks, it simply doesn’t display and thus allow warping to that location at all, allowing mission runners to run in peace without salvagers turning up mid mission.
but when a mission runner leaves the site, the wrecks are fresh for the picking.

it also means that noctis will have greater functionality, instead of warping around blindly, you’ll be able to pick out some of the best salvage spots in system.

I’m also still a fan of the idea of larger wrecks should give you more salvage even if it takes multiple cycles to achieve like a larger wreck instead of being a change of success or failure, has a number of charges which you deplete with each success.


what i think would be good is if each faction had at least 1 unique salvagable material from the list of existing in game materials, taking salvage more towards the approach of triglavian tech, this way it has more of the feel you’re helping that faction research and study how the enemy ships work rather than farming tags to turn in.


answers to questions:

  1. the scrapyard would be divided into sectors that would need to be scanned. the scanning result would depend on the level of development of the station’s scanner, skills and implants.

  2. Pirates will appear from security system 0.8 and lower. the lower it is, the more insistent it is. null sec pirate stations built into a scrapyard.

  3. The mobility option would appear when the appropriate reactor and engines are installed on the station. This would mean you could move the station to a different sector or, more riskily, to a different scrapyard in a different system. Access to the station would be similar to that of planetary production colonies. you click on the scrapyard station icon, a window opens the same as in the planetary production colony, with the difference that instead of the planet, a scrapyard will appear. If you are building a station for the first time or in another scrapyard - you select a sector, after scanning, you decide which sector to choose. Once you anchor a station, the scanning option remains and options appear depending on how advanced your station is. Each station expansion unlocks new possibilities
    e.g. at a basic level this scan will show you an estimated 30% of the things that are in the sector. The higher the level of the station (or rather the station scanner), the better the result. maximum 80%. of course, at a basic level you won’t be able to modify/process/repair everything. there will be a gradation of this. The ships will be: frigates, destroyers, cruisers, ventures and haulers. They also modified the most damaging ones for cruisers. of course T1 ships and modules.

  4. since it’s a scrapyard, what you find there will depend on the system in which the scrapyard is located. If it is a system under Gallente supervision, what you will find will be mainly Gallente, if it is Amarr, then the garbage will be Amarr, etc. Production will be limited more to the size of the module or ship being produced. The station won’t be big enough to build a Titan there :). For modules the maximum size is M, for ships it is maximum cruiser.

Although I would prefer that modules and ships were rather modified on this station. this would be done in the same window where modules are removed and installed. There would be an additional tab for modifications that would appear on that station. Modifications could be made using sliders (or after entering a numerical value) - after selecting the element to be modified. After completing the modification/repair, a given ship/module would appear in the warehouse with the operations performed and a blueprint. then it would be possible to produce such a modified ship or module.

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however, flying and recovering materials from the battlefield with a noctis is a slightly different approach to recovery than my idea with the scrapyard. In a scrapyard, in addition to material recovery, unique ship modules would be created and my idea of a station in a scrapyard would be more focused on creating my own ships and modules. This could be used in some tournament where such ships raced around a scrapyard.

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By modifying, do you mean if you had a 200mm Railgun I in manufacturing window, and if you happened to salvage a certain item that can be combined with the 200mm Railgun and make it a little bit better, maybe 5 to 15% bonus in one thing(like reload time, or rate of fire, or tracking speed or range) so it is kinda like a faction or tech 2 variant, but made in your garage, and it isn’t as good

And then maybe there could be a thing where for a tech I 200mm Railgun, you can only modify/upgrade it 2 times, and on the tech II 200mm Railgun, you can upgrade it 3 times, and if you have good salvage skills, the parts you get while salvaging are a bit better. If you have manufacturing skills(maybe introduce a new skill called modification, one for each module group, like a shield modification skill, and a turret modification skill, and a launcher modification skill, etc…) at level 4(so alphas can do it too) then you can choose to prioritize one upgrade over another, if i upgraded the range, and it got a 15% bonus, and the tracking speed which got a 5% bonus, i could prioritize tracking speed, and depending on your manufacturing skill level, the amount of prioritization would be different, if i was at level 1 on all manufacturing skills, i would only be able to change it by 1%, so the range has a 14% bonus(instead of a 15) and the tracking speed gets a 6% bonus(instead of 5) and at level 5 on all manufacturing skills, i would be able to change it by 5%.

Sorry if that doesn’t make any sense

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In fact, I forgot that there is already a way to modify things and I guess I didn’t think the topic through fully. I wanted the player to have greater opportunity to modify modules or ships, e.g. by replacing electronics with another one or using different materials. This would not always mean improved parameters. Then you can organize “wreck wars” tournaments with these different ships and modules.

There is already a way to modify things?

there is such a thing as invetion. this is basically an attempt to create a T2 item/ship from a T1 item/ship. it could be considered a modification, but it’s a slightly different approach than what I would have imagined

so you’re idea then of the scrap yard would be something along the lines of using scrap metal and parts to recreate a previously destroyed ship or modules?

if that’s what you’re going for, i had a similar idea myself, where you can restore a destroyed ship in space, however the game isn’t really set up that way.

using salvaged materials is used for rigs, and unfortunately cannot be substituted out for other materials such as tritanium or pyerite for industry. (the exception is if you reprocess scrap metal)

outside of this this would kind of throw a wrench into the works for industry players and what they do.

i mean, the idea of space based salvage yards as stations or wreck based asteroid belts is actually a kind of neat idea

maybe there could be something further done with salvaged materials other than making rigs for ships and stations, I could get behind that depending on what it is.

Oh, ok, i haven’t done much industry, i once made a condor(i mined all the stuff) but that is about it

well, actually. I’m not going to insist on my position.

if these were actually wreck belts (similar to asteroid belts) for material recovery, then approx.

Then tournaments could be held in such a scrapyard. There would be two versions of such a tournament:

  1. racing in the tunnel, which will be located inside the scrapyard. Three laps and the first one to reach the finish line wins. Whoever doesn’t fit around the corner will hit a wall made of scrap metal, explode and fall out. this would be single player.
  2. “war of wrecks” . Later, a team of 5 people faces the other five and a skirmish takes place in the central part of the scrapyard (there would be an empty space inside - with an inlet and an outlet). If it were possible to produce cyberpunk-style ships and modules, it would be great - the ships and modules would be so modified that they would be suitable only for this ;).

Of course, in front of the scrapyard there would be a hologram with the best players and teams, some skill points, or skins for winning, etc.

you lost me at tournament, at that point i’m out. sorry, you have great concepts but they need to fit the theme, style and approach of the game. eve has its own style and doesn’t need cyberpunk style ships and modules, in this kind of society augmentation would be present in people, but to change the aesthetic of the game i can’t support that.

I understand that cyberpunk is a loose concept that was supposed to improve your mood, don’t attach much importance to it.

So is the war of wrecks thing like a proving grounds tournament and you can only use modified ships, modules, and ammo?

these would be versions only for ‘wreck war’, so they wouldn’t be used anywhere else. I won’t spoil the game’s balance.

Ok, but if those modified ships, modules, ammo etc… could only be used in that one specific thing, how many people would participate? In other forms of pvp tournaments, they could still use that same ship/fit if they survived, but in your wreck wars idea, they would be investing time, resources, and isk into something that they might only use once (even if they survive) and they won’t really be able to sell it after to get some isk back, because the demand for those modified ships, modules and ammo probably won’t be very high because it is kind of the sort of thing that is cool once, and then it isn’t because those players would rather go kill miners in low/null or do FW or run abyssals or yeet into pochven or wormholes

the tournament version of the equipment is a suggestion, I am not forcing you to introduce it, although the tournament version could also be used in other tournaments or tournament-like tasks, with better prizes or difficulty levels. there are fireworks and tasks related to them, and somehow people manage to buy and use them, even though there are few such tasks. And you can die in this game in many different ways, so I think you need to regret the lost isks.

Eh, sure

OK, there’s a lot to unpack here.

You’re proposing a new kind of resource anomaly, a new resource gathering method and new types of modules and module modification? Along with this, you’re proposing to new ways of interacting with existing npc corps?

Let’s start with that last one, as it’s the most obviously problematic and is easy to abuse. I’m assuming when you say you can increase your “status” by donating items or ships, you’re referring to Standings.

My main concern is the apparent ease with which this will allow folk to bump up their npc Corp standings. If these scrapyard modules are indistinguishable from regular ones, then a player could simply run some combat Anomalies, loot the resulting wrecks and “donate them” for standings. If scrapyard modules are readily distinguishable from regular ones, then collecting donatable modules could prove to be extremely lucrative, at least until everyone jumps on the bandwagon and crushes the market.

To be blunt, you’ve rendered the entire standings system redundant. Everyone could very easily have max standings with multiple npc corps.

What the Caldari Navy (owners of the Jita 4/4 trade hub station) is going to do with the sudden influx of low tier afterburners and other rat loot I’m not quite sure.

Mission runners could pick and choose what missions they accept with compete abandon. Just donate a few modules or cheap ships and keep standings up.

My standings towards Edencom, Gurustas and Serpentis are in the toilet thanks to me running their sites. Could I instantly fix my standings by donating trash loot and start running missions?

Or, and this is exactly what I would do under such a mechanic: I’d get +5.0 standings with every pirate faction. This way, when I warp my Malediction into a site to tackle an Ishtar, the rats are all blue to me and won’t switch fire onto my paper tanked interceptor.

Now, onto this concept of gaining blueprints. Would these be researchable originals or copies? If I crafted up a modified module that was better than Officer grade, do I get the blueprint for that? I hope you can see the deep, dark rabbit hole this would lead down.

Overall, I’m failing to really see the point. If you want to loot and salvage wrecks, go and either find or create said wrecks to loot and salvage.

Back when I was a keen young newbro newly arrived in nullsec, I’d go hang out in heavily ratted systems. I’d either ask in local if anyone minded me looting/salvaging their sites, &/or I’d bookmark every anomaly in the probe scanner window, wait 10-15 minutes, then warp to the bookmarks for sites that had despawned. Drop an MTU then loot and salvage. Made a very pretty ISK doing that with very trash skills.

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