Scythe Glacial Drift Skin

Why there is two idential items (scythe glacial drift skin and scythe glacial drift skin) in jita market.
both items are similar and one is selling for 5.4 mil isk and other one is selling for 300k isk.


Most items are placed on the market by players.
The price at which the item appears on the market is decided by the seller.

I think the question is why there are two items in the database with the same name:

Item number 44169 and 46893.

I have no idea.

What he means is the item is listed twice in the item tree, and he’s right. There apear to be two ItemID’s for the same item: 44169 and 46893. And before anyone askes, there’s a separate one for the Fleet Issue version.

Edit: Damn, beat me to it

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