Searching for Tech I version of a ship using the Tech II ID#

I am trying to make a Excel spread sheet from tracking invention using the Eve Add-on. The problem that I am having is that I can not find a way to get the Base Tech blueprint when all I have is the Tech II ID for a ship. Since Tch II ships can have serval ships made from the same Base tech blueprint I am not sure how do do this. I have worked out do this with the modules. It’s just the ships because the name of the blueprint changes. Have not found any strings of interlocked commands to get this. Plz let me know if anyone has an idea on this thkz

You can try doing .BLUEPRINT(type_id) and finding if the blueprint includes a ship as a material.
Sin → Dominix, Jaguar → Rifter etc.

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That’s a good idea thz will try