⛔ Seasoned Returning FC - Looking at options

I have decided to FC in Minmatar faction warfare space for a unique challenge. Thanks for the replies.

Currently I am not playing EVE Online, but considering returning to do some casual FCing and solid content. My previous years in EVE Online have been focused on sweaty power-gaming, I’m looking for something a bit more fun focused and closer to playing a video game instead of a job.


  • Skirmish FC experience in Triumvirate // GOTG // Faction Warfare
  • Strategic FC experience in wormholes (100b+ on grid, high profile evictions, etc)
  • Previous alliance executor in wormholes for a high end PvP group
  • 5+ box brawling pilot (multiple cap pilots, maxed subcaps, 5x dps // 5x logistics // 2x fax 2x dread + subcap)
  • Setting up industry and logistics backbones to fuel a PvP alliance


I am primarily looking at k-space options. Wormholes are looking fairly dead and take way too much time investment than I’ll be able to give, sorry boys.

Any fun focused groups with a mission in low security space (faction warfare, etc) or nullsec (preferably NPC nullsec, also considering sov). Highly leaning towards FW and NPC Nullsec.

Hard Requirements

  • 10-15+ character forms in USTZ, more for important content
  • Discord. I want to hop in voice and play, or ping.
  • Pilots that are skilled or want to learn. I’m fine with training pilots.
  • USTZ only (22:00+). Not looking to commit to EUTZ despite working remotely.
  • Unique. I’m looking for groups that aren’t cookie cutter and like to think outside the box.

:exclamation: Please reply to this thread with your group’s killboard, what y’all are about (timezone, pilot count, content), and a Discord ID that I can add to chat with. Please don’t send eve mails, I’m only checking this thread.

Highlight Reel

Some of the fights I’ve FC’d. I usually FC and 3+ box depending on the fight.

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Discord and killboard:

We are USTZ growing with heavy EU, but form-ups are decent in both. Typical small gangs are from 6-15 NPC null-sec.

Drop into Discord and ask away!

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hey buddy,
I just sent you an evemail with more details. i think we could be a good fit and would be happy to chat.
zkb (alltime top50)


Learn to read bub. He’s not checking evemails


Yooo what’s up Bear. Didn’t realize you stopped playing for a bit, but I’m glad to see you back and wanting to get into it again.

Check us out at Into the Ether [CH0L0]

We are a tight knit group base in the USTZ and have on average 10-20 a night. All high SP characters and are always thinking out side the box for fleets.

Hit me up on Discord and I can go into more details
Justin Starr STARR#8251

Hello, we are No Reps Given and would like to invite you to the corp discord for a chat.

The core of the corp is made up of returning veteran pilots and we have a nice mix of USA / EU pilots and the EU pilots stay up late because we are the best :slight_smile:

We are a relaxed group of pilots who are not looking for drama we are based in sov 0.0,
as a corp we do pvp roams and gate camps.

if you would like to know more about us and have a chat in discord please join and @Siegfried vonFalkenhayn or @Ashstyx’s alt and introduce your self

Thankyou for taking the time to read my reply.


Zkill: Zero Reps Given | Corporation | zKillboard

Zkill: No Forks Given | Alliance | zKillboard

Discord: Jupiter Roughriders

Check us out at no forks given. We are a medium sized USTZ alliance that has about 15-30 dudes on a night. Most guys are middle to high SP who multibox. We are VERY Casual. Real life comes first. Content is small gang, roams (Yeets), structure fights, blops, and gate camps.

Here’s a video: Rorqual Mining Tutorial - YouTube

Message: Youngpuke2#6008

Did you know that Rusted is Recruiting? Rusted and Rejuvenated is a null sec pvp corp currently living in Curse with Triumvirate.! We are tight-knit, very active, and enjoy PvP of all kinds, whether that be alliance ops, going on small gang roams, gate camping, blopsing and even highsec ganking.

Rusted leadership is also committed to never being in a big bloc. Our leadership strives to give our pilots as many opportunities to pvp as possible. This means avoiding large amounts of blues and staying as neutral as possible when large conflicts arise.

We are currently looking for people within the US and EU TZ, who can not only fly our doctrines but have experience in both large scale fleet battles and small ganging. I have attached our forum post with a detail description of the type of pilots we recruit and what we offer as part of rusted membership. Also you can scroll through our comments to see what sorts of content we get up to.

To answer your questions:

Activity: Typically from 1700 to 0700

Player Count: 70 characters 40+ Active in the Last 7 days with Probably around 25-30 actual dudes.

Content: See the Brs from last weekend
Baiting Tire Co. Dreads: Battle Report Tool
Tri Way Battle: Battle Report Tool
Sov Fighting: Battle Report Tool
Astra Defense Battle: Battle Report Tool

You can reach me personally at my discord Vladamier D.#0729. I am the XO and Head recruiter for rusted.

You can also reach us through our discord: Rusty Boys Welcome
Zkill: Rusted and Rejuvenated Zkill

I have also approached you on your reddit post,

Also some Promotional Videos:

Still looking at options for the next week or so. Thank you for those who answered questions surgically and didn’t post a text blob, efforts appreciated. Currently leaning more towards faction warfare, but it really depends on the group.

Reddit thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/evejobs/comments/si7679/ustz_potential_returning_fc_looking_for_options/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3

We would love to have you if you’re still looking.

We’re The Order of Omerta we are a mining, indy Corp who even enjoy pvp, looking for more pilots. We need miners, ratters, pvpers and industrialists to join our tight knit family and help us make the most outta our little Corp.

We are very relaxed and let you play how you want (within reason). We’re set up with access to HS and NS space to fly in. We are in a null alliance but have a HS Corp that is wardec free for all your hisec toons to operate in hisec relatively worry free. Corp structures available for indy needs.

We love to mine and hold regular fleets and have tons of moons, ore and ice belts to mine with max boosts. We have low cost structures to get those indy wheels going along with a vast library of BPs and a buyback to buy your finished goods and ores.

For all you pvpers we got plenty of content for you to join. CTAs to help shape the ever changing political landscape to small gang roams and defense fleets up to full blown coalition fleets for strat objectives. Whatever your killer desire you can likely find it here.

We are a community and want players who will be on coms and in fleets with us enjoying the game. We’re looking for mature players who don’t take the game too serious but are also goal oriented and helpful as we have many returning and newer players and we wish to teach them to play the game in an environment free of constant obligations. Play how you like here.

What we’re looking for:
Active at least a couple times a month.
ESI check.
Voice interview.
Mic for coms (mandatory for null).
Helpful attitude.
Willingness to join in on coms and fleets.
No drama.

So if you think you want to join us message Varina Vengari in game or DM me here.

Hey broski,

Welcome back! I would like to introduce you to War Eagle Fleet; a rapidly advancing name in New Eden growing and diversifying intensely. Currently sitting at #18 in PVP for this week, we are a group of mostly semi-intoxicated barn animals who defecate wherever we go so people know we’ve been there. Our corporation consists of approximately 365 toons across roughly 100 unique humans. Our 2 real FCs fly all TZs but are EU-based, while our other FC (it’s me) is USTZ and mostly gets lubed up before taking everyone to hamtown to die.

Not convinced yet? Let me introduce you to a pilot culture that is as super serious as it isn’t. War Eagle Fleet is all about erasing every pilot’s sincere frustration with CCP’s constant updates and restoring individual enjoyment of the game by being dirty pricks to each other in a really fun way. We also annoy the piss out of our alliance bros!

Seriously though, if you’re looking to get super serious, we’ve got a SIG for that. And if you’re looking to get silly and lose your ■■■■, well we’re a reliable source of killmails. Bottom line is you deffo shouldn’t not hit us up and see what we’re re all about.

Oh hai!

I forgot to mention that we have a very strong and active Industry program, our own game-leading buyback program with bi-weekly dividends to shareholders, a logistics wing for hauling advertised coalition-wide, a high-sec corp for new pilots, a rental corp for grinders and premium space, and a developing PVP SIG (Eagle Squadron) for coordinated and advanced PVP.

We are also use Seat and Discord for security and communications, and Mumble is used for coalition comms. Come join us for Drunk Fleet tomorrow at 2300 Eve Time and hang out for a bit.

C4 - C3/C5 WH corp looking for experienced FC to take over ops when other FC’s are unavailable or busy. Lead pvp ops and roams. Speak to Scotty Omerta

Check out Cloaked Goof, one of the more active small corps in the Imperium! We offer a broad range of PVP fun from cookie cutter (it’s good to relax with that once in a while) to more niche content that we can discuss if you’re interested. Plus plenty of PVE ways to make money!

While I would love to have you in my alliance, we do not have the critical mass currently that you are looking for (we can form 20 tunes but 10 pilots). If you ever do decide you want to look to help a smaller group develop both through increasing each pilots capability and working to increase the numbers we are able to form don’t hesitate to reach out to me either in game or on discord (Reason#3022). I wish you the best of luck in finding a new group, and more over a place to call home.

Fly Reckless,
Reason Redemption

I have decided to FC in Minmatar faction warfare space for a unique challenge. Thanks for the replies.

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