SecOps is Now Recruiting - New Bros Welcome

A Proud Member of the DECOY Cartel

:rocket: Attention Pilots! :milky_way:

Welcoming New Bro’s and Vets alike!

Looking for a dynamic community to dive into the vast universe of EVE Online?

Your search ends here! We’re a group of dedicated capsuleers!

No matter your playstyle – Our community is all about fostering teamwork, sharing knowledge, and conquering the challenges of New Eden together.

What we offer:

:star2: Alpha Clone’s Welcome

:rocket: Small and Large Fleets with experienced FC’s

:moneybag: Ship Replacement Program

:pick: Boosted Mining Fleets

:snake: Ratting in top tier space locations

:milky_way: Null sec Incursions

:dart: Specialized Squads [BLACK OPS]

:tada: Fleet Roams

:truck: Jump freighter service to and from Jita

Who we are looking for:

  • Mature and Active Players.
  • New and/or Experienced Players
  • Members who Enjoy Sov. Warfare
  • Industry, Miners and players who love making isk.

Join us on Discord Black Ops Matter / Sec Ops Matter to connect with fellow pilots, discuss tactics, and coordinate operations.

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