BRUH... Sec Ops Matter!

An integrated branch of BOPSM that specializes in ISK Generation, PvE Content and Industry. We have a dedicated core group and are largely based in USTZ. We take the game seriously and are committed to the long-term development of our Pilots – Newbros are welcome! Not to say we don’t like PvP, WE DO!

We are SecOps Matter with The Rogue University. We are looking for pilots, and offer:

  • Fleet roams alongside the best FCs in the game
  • Ship Replacement Program
  • Regular Moon mining operations
  • PvE fleets
  • Capital build programs
  • Global player base
  • A wealth of knowledge in all areas of the game.
  • A place to log on with no drama
  • Discord and TeamSpeak

Join our Discord 22

In Game Channel: InviteBlackOPS

Or Please visit our website and apply at the bottom

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