Bruh - We BLOPs -

Bruh - , - we BLOPs. - we sit and wait patiently - our hunters find strategic targets. We apply pressure - welcome to the void. Seek the Tetragrammaton - the narrator in the human mind.

A PvP null sec corp that does just about all the game as to offer. We have a dedicated core group and solid activity in the US time zones… No BS, But we do play an intense game :slight_smile: 10 million sp minimum - must train into Black Ops

Channel - BlackOPSinvite

We are Black Ops Matter with The Rogue Consortium. We are looking for PvP minded pilots. and offer

  • Fleet roams along side the best FC’s in the game
  • Ship Replacement Program.
  • Regular Moon mining operations.
  • Regular PvE fleets.
  • Capital build programs.
  • Global player base.
  • A wealth of knowledge in all areas of the game.
  • A place to log on with no drama.
  • Black Ops every day

Black Ops Matters offers a specialized game play that isn’t for everyone. Our tactics and play style may be considered unorthodox.

Dual box and accounts are a plus. Omega status required. - We do run SeAT checks.

Join our Discord
In game Channel “InviteBlackOps”

10 million sp minimum / 15 mill preferred.

Sunday is a great day to join!!! Bump!!

Check out our discord channel !!!

Recruitment is still open

PVP roams and mining ops every day

Looking for PvP Pilots, and welcome new bros

Open Recruitment -

i did lol xD

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Then join our corp !!!

Beautiful Sat - come say hi, get on our coms !!!

Daily Bump! Come fly with us!

Recruitment Still Open

Come into the void of night

Recruitment still open

Sir bumps a lot

Come fly with us

Still recruiting and welcome new members !!!

Sometimes much like theoretical physics, we tend to keep building on logically derived premises which look good on paper, yet still require an unfalsifiable baseline of faith at the foundation. Perhaps sometimes we mistake these for “truth”? The discussion then is understood to be less about truth and more about the eloquent art of language and conversation centering around a common theme of spiritual fiction. The art of practical application is still sorely missed as the answer to what are we actually doing has yet to be answered. And still the pursuit of this knowledge to attain future states of being or understanding is never questioned and systematically pursued.

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Neither dualistic conditions can be absolute as it requires both components to have relation to each other. There is no light and dark, no love and fear without a third counterpart we are not programmed to see or understand. Limited by our senses and the program of language in the human mind. - These frameworks are propped up by the illusion. - Choose a side and lose your identity. -

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Every action in this matrix called Eve can be matched by an equal and opposing action. It’s the perfect system for good and evil which is only possible through our programmed responses and competition principles. By design we are set in motion. And have very little to do with anything but how accurately we respond.

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