New Null PvP Corp Forming -

Black Ops Matter is a veteran 0.0 PvP corporation enlisting pilots with a predisposition to shoot everything that moves (or doesn’t). Yes for now the name is misleading but our alliance does a lot of Black Ops. This is a new Corp. We have a long history of NPC null, Sov null and Lowsec that encourages all forms of destruction. This is a newly established Corp with veteran players and their alts. We are now welcoming all players who want to PVP and do Mining/Indy — again we are just establishing this Corp but we have a very active core group and alliance that does everything from PvP to mining with plenty of boosts :slight_smile: come say hi. See if we are for you. ———-

In Game Public Channel “BlackOpsMatter”

Discord Channel -

HOWEVER, we are moving into a very focused intense mining and production phase so we are looking to expand. WE ARE LOOKING FOR self sufficient pilots, both PvP and indy disposition. Wing a new Corp doesn’t mean we don’t have what you need.

Corp Features:

◘ Experienced FC’s and Directors.

◘ NPC 0.0 NBSI PvP

◘ Daily roams, plenty of targets.

◘ No Sov, No Grind, No Rules, No Bull

◘ 0.0 Ratting, mining, PI, anoms, and exploration

Looking for dedicated pilots. We have a very good core group… See you soon

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