Chill but skilled NULL sec corp NOW recruiting!

We are Black Ops Matter

Looking for some chill players to join our ranks.

We are a small group of hardcore players. IF YOU LIKE BLOPS as well as other stuff, this is the place for you. We have been playing the game for years and are looking to expand our ranks.

We are a part of a large firmly established alliance, with all the bells and whistles experienced players are looking for. We like to drink and roam and are drama free. Looking for more chill players with a bit of experience that enjoy the game and building new friendships as much as we do.

There is a lot of room for other adventures as well, and we do not limit ourselves as an organization.

All we ask:

  1. You use TS and Discord
  2. Have more than 50 mill sp
  3. Can support yourself with ISK
  4. Open to moving to our home system

Preferred but not required

  1. Skilled into Black Ops Battleships
  2. Having an alt hunting toon in T3C’s

If you are interested in learning more just reach out or join our in-game channel @ InviteBlackOPS or come chat with us on our discord !! See you soon

Come Chat With Us

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